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Predator Hunting

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  • Electronic Predator Calls

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  • Predator Calls

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  • Predator Hunting Decoys

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  • Predator Hunting Lights/Night Vision

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  • Predator Hunting Scents

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  • Cyclops

    Cyclops proudly presents the Vb250 varmint light, an illumination tool that aids individuals in low to no-light shooting scenarios. It mounts directly to your scope or Picatinny rail for directional spot lighting.

  • Flambeau

    Reg. $19.99              Save $15.00

    The Foam Fawn in perfect for luring coyotes and other predatory animals during the spring and early summer. Those white spots are like a ringing a dinner bell and once a predator has zeroed in on them, he’ll come running.

  • Flextone Game Calls

    You never know when you might need a predator call while out hunting, and the Flextone Clone Keychain Call has you covered at all times. This compact call produces four common predator sounds and has carabiner clip so you can put it on your keychain, belt loop or other convenient location. The call has four easy to push call buttons and one push button red light. The speaker is designed to be directional and is most effective when pointed at the desired predator. Don’t be caught in the woods wishing you had a call to stop a coyote before it’s out of range; get the Clone.


    Product Includes:

    • Coyote pup distress
    • Cottontail distress
    • Woodpecker distress
    • Mouse squeak
  • Flextone Game Calls

    Reg $24.99          Save $7.00

    Steve Criner of “Dog Soldier TV” has been hunting and calling predators for more than 20 years, and he’s got a World Championship to prove it. Steve’s experience and Flextone’s technology have resulted in the Jack the Reaper™ Mid-Range predator call. The open reed design uses a light, thin reed to form realistic, high-pitched rabbit distress calls; it can even manage a convincing coyote howl. Use it for softer calling during mid-range encounters.

    Open reeds have more control than closed reeds because you can change your mouth placement on the reed. The flexible body on the Jack the Reaper MR1 adds even more variety in your calling simply by pinching it open or closed. Advanced callers know that with this amount of freedom in your calling, you’re moving fast. The patent-pending lip cushion keeps your call in place during those fast-paced moments; a soft rubber pad on the bottom of the mouthpiece gives you a better grip, and it’s easier on your teeth, too.

  • The Deadbone is an entry-level caller with high quality FOXPRO technology at an affordable price. The Deadbone comes standard with 15 high quality FOXPRO sounds and the ability to play two sounds at once. The Deadbone has a rugged ABS housing, which is lightweight and offers maximum portability. It features a single high-efficiency horn speaker that delivers a crystal-clear, high quality sound. It also has a pilot lamp/low battery indicator that glows green while on, and blinks when batteries are getting low. The Deadbone operates on 4 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries. The remote gives you remote control of 15 sound selections, mute, volume, power on/off, and an add button to play 2 sounds at once. The remote operates on a 9 volt battery.

    The Deadbone is backed by a 1 year limited warranty and FOXPRO’s unmatched customer support and is proudly made in the USA!

  • The HammerJack is portable, lightweight, and easy to operate. It comes standard with 100 high-quality FOXPRO sounds, 111 FREE sounds, and has the ability to hold up to 300 sounds. The HammerJack features dual-amplified speakers to deliver incredible volume. The front horn speaker handles your coyote vocalizations and common distress sounds with ease, and the rear cone speaker handles the low frequency sounds such as bear growls, owl sounds, and even mountain lion sounds. When combined, they deliver a crisp, clear, high-quality, realistic sound. If you want even more volume, the HammerJack allows you to connect two external speakers for incredible volume capabilities. It has a charge jack, auxiliary jack, and includes the FoxJack 4 with the FOXPRO Fuzzy Wuzzy topper.

    FOXPRO’s HammerJack remote is easy to operate and navigation through the sound categories is a breeze. The remote has two preset buttons, a mute button, volume up and down buttons, and much more. All of these features in one amazing, compact, high-quality unit makes the HammerJack an incredible value. It’s packed with great features and innovations from FOXPRO.

    The HammerJack is backed by a 3 year limited warranty, FOXPRO’s unmatched customer support, and is proudly made in the USA!


  • The Jack Daddy decoy from FOXPRO gives predators the visual confirmation they’re looking for and listening for! The Jack Daddy decoy has a built in Mylar cone speaker which comes with 3 high quality FOXPRO sounds: Bay Bee Cottontail, Vole Squeaks, and Woodpecker. The Jack Daddy has a three-position switch that allows you to turn the decoy On, Off, or On with light. It comes standard with a removable stake and woodpecker topper, which securely packs into one housing for maximum portability. The Jack Daddy comes with the Jack Daddy remote or use your own FOXPRO remote. The remote control operation allows you to turn the decoy and sound on/off. This decoy has a whisper quiet motor and Jacked Up Chaotic Motion for great action and realism. The Jack Daddy is proudly made in the USA.

    Feature Highlights
    • 3 High-Quality FOXPRO Sounds including Bay Bee Cottontail (L54), Vole Squeaks (R07), and Woodpecker (B09)
    • Mylar Cone Speaker provides excellent sound quality.
    • Jacked-Up Chaotic Motion for added realism and maximum effectiveness.
    • Self-Contained Design All items (remote, ground stake, topper) all conveniently store away in the Jack Daddy housing.
    • Compatibility Connects to your existing FOXPRO game call for use with your existing remote control (3.5mm auxiliary cable not included).
  • The Jack Jr. predator decoy offers FOXPRO’s jacked up chaotic motion. The Jack Jr. comes standard with a bird topper (which resembles a woodpecker) with a whisper quiet motor. The Jack Jr. allows for remote operation from your FOXPRO remote digital game call (FOXPRO remote digital game call sold separately). Simply connect a standard 3.5mm mono patch cable to the decoy, and the other end to your FOXPRO digital game call. The auxiliary button on your FOXPRO remote control will now start and stop the action of the Jack Jr.! All current and most older remote models are compatible with the Jack Jr. The Jack Jr. is proudly made in the USA.

    Feature Highlights
    • Jacked-Up Chaotic Motion for added realism and maximum effectiveness.
    • Compatibility – Connects to your existing FOXPRO game call for use with your existing remote control (3.5mm auxiliary cable not included).
  • The FOXPRO Patriot is the perfect option for the up-and-coming predator hunter. It comes standard with 35 high-quality FOXPRO sounds, an additional 111 free sounds, and has the ability to hold up to 300 sounds. The Patriot offers maximum portability with its lightweight, rugged ABS housing. The unit comes with a single high-efficiency horn speaker that delivers a crystal-clear, high-quality sound with great volume. You can connect an external speaker to the jack on the side of the call for even more volume. The Patriot also has an auxiliary jack for use with an approved device such as the FoxJack 5 decoy. The FOXPRO Patriot features an enhanced remote with an elastomeric keypad for effortless use, even with gloves. It also has category files for easy navigation through sounds. The remote has a power on/off switch, volume up/down buttons. Scroll up/down, a mute, and much more.

    The Patriot is backed by a 3 year limited warranty, FOXPRO’s unmatched customer support, and is proudly made in the USA!

    Feature Highlights

    • Comes with 35 sounds, and 111 FREE sounds (can hold and access up to 300 sounds)
    • High-efficiency horn speaker
    • External speaker jack
    • Auxiliary jack
    • Operates on 4 AA batteries
    • USB port to reprogram sounds
  • Knight & Hale

    Reg $11.99    Save $4.00

    Delivering more volume than the competition, this reed-style call recreates the distinctive sounds of a fighting coon to lure other coons from their trees.

    • Reed-style coon call with superior volume and control unrivaled by any other brand
    • Perfectly replicates the raspy, agitated squawls of a full-blown coon fight to draw coons out of any tree
    • Threadlock barrel and shortened end piece for ease of disassembly
    • New wedge, lockable reed and sound board for allow for “factory condition” reassembly
    • Doubles as an effective training aid for coon dogs

  • Reg. 69.99     Save $10.00


    Kojo is the best coyote decoy for adding realistic visuals to a calling sequence – perfect for attracting coyotes and holding them for a shot.

    Keep it real. Coyote calling sets fail when a coyote doesn’t see what could be making all the noise. Kojo is the best coyote decoy for adding realistic visuals to a calling sequence – perfect for attracting coyotes and holding them for a shot. This coyote decoy also helps keep deer and geese out of gardens, grass and fairways. Even deer hunters find use for it when hunting large tracts of open land. The coyote decoy steers deer into shooting range.

    Coyote Decoy Gallery 1

  • Mossy Oak

    Mossy Oak MO-SPKR Predator Call Speaker (600 Sounds from 47 Species) The Mossy Oak Predator call speaker is the only speaker optimized to work with the I hunt Ruger app. When paired together, your phone becomes the control and the I hunt by Ruger app gives you the ability to create overlapping playlists from the over 600 sounds from 47 species. Don’t settle on the one-trick pony game call. the Mossy Oak Predator call speaker does it all.

    Controlled by your Smart Phone.

  • Affordable, enhanced 940nm high quality night vision system with RTEK technology for short-range strikes. The DARK OPS VIPER is perfect for the up-close and personal hunter.

    The DARK OPS VIPER is the perfect night vision unit for any hunter, delivering high quality, clear night vision through any day vision rifle scope. It achieves this using ENHANCED 940nm infrared illumination (invisible to people and animals) to literally illuminate the target area immediately in front of where the rifle scope is aiming, allowing clear target detection up to 100 metres (110 Yards) away.

    The infrared image is then captured through the rifle scope by a camera attached to the scopes eyepiece and then viewed via the units integral 3.5 inch dimmable LCD screen.

  • Reg $12.99    Save $4.00

  • Primos Hunting

    Reg $10.99       Save $2.00

    The hands free Still™ Cottontail Rabbit is great for reproducing the high-pitched scream of a cottontail rabbit at close range or long range. Just change the air pressure to vary the volume.

  • Reg $9.99      Save $2.00

    The Distress Fawn is a compact reed type call!  Reproduces a great Fawn distress sound that big predators find hard to resist!

    Easy pitch and volume control.



  • Reg $9.99    Save $2.00

    Screamin Cottontail Predator Call, Simple To Use, & Reproduces High Pitched Screams Of A Distressed Cottontail Rabbit, Great For Close In Or For Long Range Calling For All Predators.

  • Reg $19.99     Save $8.00

    Stratton Game Calls – Coyote Howler

    Made in Michigan

  • Reg $5.99     Save $3.00

    Easy to use, and a must to bring them in close.  Great for fox, coyote or bobcat hunting.  Just squeeze the call and the it will sound perfect every time.

    Made in the USA!

  • Reg $19.99       Save $8.00

    Reproduces cottontail in distress and close-up mouse squeaks.

    Calls: Coyote, fox, bear and raccoons.

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