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    Grasses and weeds can crowd out your carefully planted perennial food plots. Using the right herbicide can help ensure that your food plots perform their best and last much longer. Arrest Max is a selective grass herbicide that will control most grasses, without harming clover, alfalfa, chicory or any Whitetail Institute perennial food plot.

    • Specifically developed for food plots
    • Controls a broad range of annual and perennial grasses
    • Easily applied by hand, 4-wheeler or tractor sprayer
    • Safe for use with Whitetail Institute perennial forages and with any clover or alfalfa plantings
    • Spray once grasses are actively growing in the spring or summer.
    • Adding Surefire Crop Oil Plus to the spray tank can increase effectiveness of Arrest Max on perennial or mature grasses
    • Spraying grasses in their early stages of growth can eliminate the need for follow-up applications.
    • New chemistry is more effective on a broader group of grasses and the cost per acre is significantly less than the original Arrest.
    • Arrest Max is rainfast in one hour.

    Net Contents: 1 Pint

  • 4 wire grid shelves for air circulation. Zippered plastic roll-up door for easy access. Each shelf can hold up to 22 pounds. The entire greenhouse can hold up to 85 pounds. 27 In. W. x 63 In. H. x 19 In. D.

  • Promotional sprayer. Anti-clog filter. 4.5 In. funnel top for easy filling. Ergonomic pump and carrying handle. Locking wand storage. Black reinforced hose.

    Tank Capacity: 1 gallon

  • Ideal for protecting and growing seeds, seedlings and young plants. Sturdy push-fit frame; no tools required. Removable, clear, UV (ultra violet) protected PVC thermal cover with full length roll up zipper door for easy access and ventilation. 12 wire grid shelves promote air flow and better drainage. Complete with hood and loop ties, and D-ring hooks for greater stability when attached to wall.

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    The best way to ensure your plants reach their full potential starts before a single seed goes in the ground. Determine if you have proper soil conditions with the Evolved Harvest® pH meter. In addition to alkalinity and acidity levels, the meter also measures the moisture content and sunlight present in soil.

    • Test soil pH before selecting a new food plot site
    • Measures alkalinity, acidity, moisture and sunlight content
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    Gilmour EZ hose. Light weight and durable. 40% lighter than the average garden hose. Constructed of abrasion resistant heavy-duty fabric. Lighter than expandable hoses with 2X more water flow than expandable hose. Works with sprinklers, nozzles, or alone. Flexible with durable ABS couplings. Withstands sun exposure. Does not retract or expand. 5/8 inch diameter. Not safe for drinking water.

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    Grasses and weeds can crowd out your carefully planted perennial food plots. Using the right herbicide can help ensure that your food plots perform their best and last much longer. Slay is the field-tested selective broadleaf-weed herbicide that controls a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds in clover and alfalfa fields.

    • Specifically developed for food plots
    • Spray spring or early summer when broad leaf weeds are emerging and in the early growth stages.
    • Can be easily applied with a 4-wheeler or tractor sprayer
    • Safe for use in clover and alfalfa fields
    • Slay must be mixed with a surfactant or oil additive, such as Sure-Fire Crop Oil Plus
    • Warning: Do not spray on  emerging seedling clovers or alfalfas
    • 4 Fluid Ounces treats up to 1 acre


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    Ensure the most successful food plot possible and save money with Whitetail Institute Soil Test Kits. 

    Testing your soil is the MOST IMPORTANT STEP for ensuring food plot success. Whitetail Institute’s Soil Test Kit shows you exactly how much lime and fertilizer is required and makes sure you don’t buy more than you need.

    • Ensure the most successful food plot possible
    • Saves you money on fertilizer and lime
    • VERY easy to use
    • Everything you need is included
    • Results by mail or email within one week
    • Professional consultation included – call 800-688-3030 x 3

    A soil test can be the difference between the best food you can imagine and total failure.  

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    Sure-Fire Crop Oil Plus is highly recommended as the surfactant or oil additive that must be used with Slay.  Sure-Fire Crop Oil Plus is also highly recommended for use with Arrest Max to control perennial and mature grasses.

    • Premium concentrated highly refined seed oil
    • Enhances the efficiency of herbicides
    • Provides rapid surface wetting and leaf penetration
    • Specifically designed for food plots
    • Contains an anti-foaming agent to help users correctly mix the spray solution.
    • Sure-Fire Crop Oil Plus comes in a 1 pint container that treats 2 acres.

Showing all 10 results