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  • Wildgame Innovations

    Regular Price $39.99     Save $10.00

    Illuminates for hunting up to 100 yards

  • Moultrie

    This convenient all-in-one product from Moultrie includes a feeder, bucket, funnel and batteries, for the ultimate in feed control without the hassle. Just add feed! A tapered bucket with a collapsible design saves on shipping costs and shelf space while a built-in funnel keeps feed from collecting on the bottom and sides of the bucket. New battery efficiencies also double the run time, providing up to 4 months of field life, and a test button makes setup even easier.

  • Moultrie

    Reg $79.99         Save $25.00

    The Moultrie 6.5 Gallon Hanging Feedcaster will prevent feed from landing on your dock due to a narrow 25′ casting distance and a directional shroud. The feeder features 2 digital timing functions that let you set up to 6 feeding times per day and control the amount of food released in each feeding. The bucket is made of durable metal and has an attractive weathered dock design.

    Features and Benefits
    • Durable, rugged bucket with an attractive weathered dock design
    • Digital timer feeds fish up to 6 times a day and lets you control the amount of feed released
    • Directional shroud and narrow 25′ cast projection prevent food from landing on your dock
    • Batteries Included: No
    • Batteries Required: Yes
    • Number of Batteries: 1
    • Assembly Required Flag: Yes
    • Battery Type: 6V
    • Capacity (lb.): 24.5
    • Feeder Type: Fish
  • Moultrie

    Distribute up to 40 pounds of feed out 30 feet in diameter with this programmable hanging feeder with a cool camo finish.

    ■ 6.5-gallon metal bucket with a 40 lb. capacity
    ■ Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity camo finish
    ■ Digital timer programs up to 6 feed times per day, 1 to 20 seconds each
    ■ Quick-Lock adapter mounts to any barrel or hopper
    ■ Metal spin plate and funnel, ABS plastic housing; built-in varmint guard, feed-level estimator, battery indicator and external power port
    ■ One (1) 6-volt battery required

  • Moultrie

    Loaded with features yet still sporting a mid-range price tag, this versatile feeder gives you greater control over feeding times with programmable settings that let you choose how much you feed and when.

    ■ Digital timer programs up to 6 feed times per day, 1 to 20 seconds each
    ■ Fill height of 5.5 feet for easy ground-level access
    ■ Black plastic Quick-Lock hopper, spin plate and funnel
    ■ Built-in varmint guard, feed-level estimator, battery indicator and external power port
    ■ One (1) 6-volt battery required


  • Moultrie

    Let deer decide when to eat with the Moultrie Dinner Plate Feeder Kit, which dispenses feed on their schedule and can accommodate corn or protein pellets. Designed to offer flexible feeding options without the need for batteries or electronic timers, this simple yet effective feeder comes with a Quick-Lock adapter that lets you convert most barrels and hoppers to receive the Dinner Plate Kit, which easily snaps into place.

  • Moultrie

    Affordably priced and extremely easy to use, this gravity-driven trough design lets you dispense a variety of feed types on demand, with no programming required.

    ■ Gravity-driven trough design
    ■ Durable, UV-resistant plastic construction
    ■ 40 lb. capacity
    ■ Strap for tree or post mounting included
    ■ No batteries or programming required

  • Moultrie

    Reg $59.99       Save $15.00

    This gravity deer feeder is all the perks of Moultrie’s Feed Station with an upsize. The Feed Station Pro holds 80lbs of feed, requiring less trips into the woods to refill your feeder.

    ■ Gravity-driven through design
    ■ 80lb capacity
    ■ Durable, UV-resistant plastic construction
    ■ (2) straps for tree or post mounting included
    ■ No batteries or programming required
    ■ Weeping holes for water to drain to keep food dry

  • Moultrie

    Regular Price $54.99     Save $10.00


    Motion, photocell and manually-activated feeder light illuminates game up to 30′ in diameter

  • Moultrie

    Reg $99.99          Save $30.00

    Get the most bang for your buck with Moultrie’s Deer Feeder Standard: the easiest, most reliable, all-in-one feeder on the market.

    • Quick-Lock technology
    • Metal spin plate
    • (4) AA batteries included, allows the use of Lithium batteries for increased battery life
    • 30-gallon hopper
    • Digital timer programs up to (4) feed times per day from 1 to 20 seconds each
    • External power port for solar panel
    • Feeder height 5.5 feet

  • Moultrie

    Features our NXT Hunter Feeder Kit with adjustable funnel, cake-free spinner plate, and BackSpin™ technology for smooth operation. Easy Set™ digital timer on extendable cord provides hassle-free scheduling of up to six daily feed times. Electric varmint guard uses our low-drain circuitry. Connects to 30-gallon hopper using Quick-Lock system. Requires one 6-volt battery, not included.

  • New

    Reg. $149.99           Save $50.00

    The Outpost holds up to 20 pounds of feed, which is enough to keep your game in the area for about three weeks. You get to choose the time of feeding (up to twice daily). You get to choose the feed rate. Lightweight design (only 25 pounds when full) and convenient carrying bag you can carry it with ease farther into the woods than your average climbing treestand. The Outpost comes in an easy to hide color scheme The motor runs off of 4 AA batteries (not included). They typically last 6-9 months depending on the set run times.

  • Wildgame Innovations

    Don’t let mice and other critters live their best life off your feed. The Heavy Metal™ series features a rigid varmint guard that eliminates feed waste and protects the goods. The flat-box design with ultra-durable galvanized steel construction tells the story behind this feeder’s namesake. Mother Nature can bring whatever she wants, but the Heavy Metal will still stand.

    This feeder doesn’t just look good; it performs well, too. The digital timer delivers up to six feedings per day from a galvanized steel spinner plate that disperses feed up to 30 feet. You can also choose from a variety of capacity levels to accommodate the population whose bellies you’re keeping full. If you’re looking for a reliable, long-lasting feeder, you’ve found it in the Heavy Metal series.

  • Wildgame Innovations

    Spend your time patterning your local game population, not pulling your hair out over a complicated assembly manual. True to their names, the Quick-Set™ 225 and 270 only require about 15 minutes of setup before they’re fully operational and ready to bring game your way. Both models are dependable entry-level poly barrel feeders that provide above-average results. The 225 is slightly lighter in total weight – about 37 pounds – and holds up to 225 pounds of feed. If you want a little more capacity for not a lot more weight, you can pack 270 pounds of feed into the Quick-Set 270, which weighs in at 41 pounds on its own.

    Both models come standard with an easy-to-use timer with up to four daily feed times lasting 5, 10, 15 or 20 seconds – depending on your preference. Both feeders also accept corn or protein pellets, so you can choose your feed based on what your hungry game will like best.

  • Sold Out
    Wildgame Innovations

    We took something that was already great and made it even better. The Quick-Set™ Pro expands upon the successes of its Quick-Set predecessors with multiple premium upgrades. The timer is highly customizable with up to 6 feed times per day that last 1 to 30 seconds based on your choosing. Because we don’t make the rules on your property: you do. Whereas similar models use circular legs, powder-coated square tube legs on the Quick-Set Pro provide stability and durability – so your feeder can withstand whatever comes looking for a free meal or whatever threatens to flood your feast.

    The power control unit (PCU) also got an upgrade in the Pro model. The Quick-Set Pro is the only feeder in the Quick-Set family that comes standard with a rigid varmint guard to protect both your feed and the PCU. This addition ensures the only critters making a mess of your feed are the ones you invited. And the only mess you’ll be cleaning up is the mess from a successful hunt.


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