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  • Barnett



    Capable of delivering arrows to target at blazing speeds of 400 feet-per-second with a crushing 140 foot-pounds of energy, Barnett’s new Raptor Pro STR delivers the power necessary to take on any big game animal in the world.And thanks to its Step-Through Riser(STR) design, all that power comes with precision accuracy; the innovative design effectively transfers weight from the nose towards the center of the bow for rock-solid stability and enhanced, repeatable accuracy.While the Raptor Pro STR is still considered a compact crossbow, its generous power stroke and slightly longer pro-composite stock make it Ideal for full-framed shooters. Its STR design, custom composite laminated limbs, CNC machined aluminum flight track, string dampeners and precision three-pound TriggerTech trigger combine to make the sub-seven-pound Raptor Pro STR a true joy to shoulder and fire.Other performance amenities on the Raptor Pro STR include Barnett’s self-adjusting Soft-Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer, three Picatinny rails and a 4×32 multi-reticle scope for clear and quick target acquisition.  Raptor Pro STR comes complete and ready to hunt with a pair of 22-inch Headhunter arrows, inline side-mount quiver, rope cocking device and lubrication wax. And thanks to advanced and thoughtful Barnett engineering, proud owners can assemble their new Raptor Pro STR in just minutes with the simple installation of a single bolt.

    Barnett Raptor Pro STR Specifications

    • Speed: 400 fps (using a 380-grain arrow)

    • Kinetic Energy: 140 ft. lbs

    • Weight: 6.9 lbs.

    • Draw Weight: 165 lbs.

    • Power Stroke: 16.375 in.

    • Dimensions: 36.5”L x 20”W

    • Axle to Axle Dimensions: 17.625 in.

    • Made in the USA


  • Barnett

    Regular Price $199.99                Save $20.00

    The Barnett BCR Recurve Crossbow is ideal for hunting and recreational target practice. It shoots at a speed of 245′ per second and features a draw weight of 150 lbs.

    -Does not come fully assembled.

  • Barnett

    Reg $1299.99          Save $500.00


    As if sending arrows flying at 420 FPS isn’t enough, the Ghost 420 looks as good as it performs. It’s the first product to debut Mossy Oak Treestand® Monochromatic: a sleek, deluxe camo pattern exclusive to this crossbow. Once you go premium with color, you have to go premium with everything else. The machined aluminum flight track and carbonlite riser not only make the Ghost 420 lighter – these elements send a message that this isn’t just any other crossbow. The add-ons make it that much better. The top-of-the line illuminated scope syncs reticles with speed to enhance accuracy; the side mount quiver detaches with the press of a button; the sling simplifies transport; and the rubber butt pad extender gives you a comfortable, personalized fit. The Ghost 420 has everything you want in a bow and will definitely put you on the receiving end of some jealous gazes from your hunting buddies.




  • Sold Out






    Image may contain: text

    Please specify which size harness you prefer in the ‘Customer Notes’ section when you checkout.

    • S/M (100-175lbs Waist 28″-42″)
    • L/XL (175-250lbs Waist 37″-56″)
    • 2X/3X (250-300lbs Waist 48″-60″)
  • Barnett

    finger reminders and pass-through foregrip

    carbon riser

    reverse limb

    string suppressors

  • Sold Out

    REG $ 399.99   SAVE $ 150.00

    #GetAfterIt and tackle any terrain with the Recruit Terrain. This is the only crossbow in Barnett’s line of full-size models featuring a solid desert tan stock. It doesn’t have a pattern like other crossbows, because it isn’t for just any other hunter. The hunters who carry the Recruit Terrain don’t feel pressured to fit an expected mold or look a certain way. Rather, they forge their own path with an understated confidence. The Recruit Terrain comes with an accessory package of essentials to get you in the field, and a design that’s aesthetically and technologically on-point to make sure once you’re there – you find what you’re searching for.6.4 Weight (lbs)

    • TriggerTech Trigger Type
    • 330 Speed (fps)*
    • 140 Draw Weight (lbs)
    • 91.9 Kinetic Energy (ft lbs)
    • 12.5 Power Stroke (in)
    • 16.125 Axle to Axle (in)
    • 34.25″L x 18.25″W Dimensions


  • Barnett

    REG $ 499.99   SAVE $ 100.00

    Featuring an all new telescoping butt stock, Barnett’s adaptable new TS370 compound crossbow provides two and a half inches of adjustability in half inch increments to optimize fit
    on a range of shooters, compensate for additional bulky clothing, or improve ease of handling and shooting in ground blinds or other tight quarters.
  • Barnett

    REG $ 749.99     SAVE $ 150.00

    This crossbow ships fully assembled in the Plano spire Hard Case.

    Please specify which size harness you prefer in the ‘Order Notes’ section when you checkout.

    • S/M (100-175lbs Waist 37″-56″)
    • L/XL (175-250lbs Waist 37″-56″)
    • 2X/3X (250-300lbs Waist 48″-60″)
  • Bear Archery
    • Adjustable cheek piece and rear stock with 3″ of adjustments and five settings
    • Ambidextrous Trigger with a dry fire inhibitor
    • Dual-mount string recoil suppressor system to reduce noise and friction
    • Adjustable fore end grip is mounted on a picatinny-style rail system for improved accuracy and comfort
    • Modular 4-bolt quiver design can be used with 2-arrow grippers and removable hood foam for using mechanical broadheads
    • Option to shoot it with 1-arrow gripper and hood foam in place for fixed blade broadheads


    • Scope (4×32 Multi Cross-Hair Reticle, with Focusing Eye Piece)
    • Quiver (4-Bolt Modular Quiver)
    • 3 – K20 Carbon Bolts
    • Detachable Econo Sling
    • Cocking Rope
    • Rail Lube/String Wax


    Total Weight: 7.5 LBS
    Total Width: 18 IN
    Total Length: 35.5 IN
    • SPEED 370
    • K.E. 111FT./LBS


  • Reg $599.99     Save $100.00

    Delivers power and performance with a lightweight stock design and bullpup trigger. With a thin extruded barrel and lightweight machined riser and compact front end, this bow is easily maneuvered in the field. Features a modular Picatinny mounting system with a folding foregrip for customized fit and increased accuracy.

  • Reg $399.99        Save $200.00

    While 200 last!  No Rainchecks.

    Premium Performance at an Entry Level Price

    Designed to bring premium performance to entry-level crossbow hunters, the X-Force® Blade™ Crossbow delivers an adaptable fit, repeatable accuracy and 320 feet-per-second in a package that’s 5% lighter than its competition.

    With high-end features like an extruded aluminum rail, adjustable butt-stock and foregrip, this crossbow combines customizability with enduring performance you can count on, hunt after hunt.

    Ready-to-Hunt Kit

    Season will open before you know it. Prep fast with the X-Force® Blade™ Ready-to-Hunt Kit. It includes:

    • The Carbon Express X-Force® Blade™ Crossbow – Black
    • 3 Carbon Express 20-inch Piledriver® crossbow bolts with moon nocks with performance vanes
    • 3 Field points – 100 grain
    • 4×32 Scope
    • Quick-detach 3 bolt quiver
    • Rope cocker
    • Rail lubricant
    • Sling

    Technical Specifications

    Model # 20249 Feet Per Second 320 fps Kinetic Energy 86.3 ft/lbs
    Draw Weight 165 lbs Power Stroke 12.5″
    Weight 6.5 lbs Length 34.5 – 36.5″
    Width 13″ (cocked)
    17.5″ (uncocked)
    Length of Pull 14.25 – 16.25″
    • Versatile, lightweight and durable crossbow.  Velocity: 370 FPS.
    • Traditional, rifle-like Stock shoulders comfortably with anti-dry Fire and auto-safety mechanism
    • Quad limbs with precision CNC Machined Cam System
    • The CNC Machined aluminum riser keeps limb alignment precise for improved accuracy and performance
    • Includes 4x32mm scope, (3) 20 inch carbon bolts, quiver, shoulder Sling and rope cocker
    • Versatile, lightweight and durable crossbow.  Velocity: 370 FPS.
    • Traditional, rifle-like Stock shoulders comfortably with anti-dry Fire and auto-safety mechanism
    • Quad limbs with precision CNC Machined Cam System
    • The CNC Machined aluminum riser keeps limb alignment precise for improved accuracy and performance
    • Includes 4x32mm scope, (3) 20 inch carbon bolts, quiver, shoulder Sling and rope cocker


    FREE w/the purchase of this crossbow! (Style DR2665) 3 Bolts, 3 Broadheads, and 3 practice tips!

    • Whisper Silencing System™ includes string stoppers, limb dampeners and spider silencers for the ultimate in noise reduction and vibration control.
    • Mil-spec AR-Style butt stock is fully adjustable for length and cheek position
    • Noise suppressing string stoppers
    • 185 lbs. draw weight
    • Anti-dry fire and auto-safety trigger mechanism
    • Includes: 4×32 mm scope, three 20” 420 gr. carbon arrows, parallel quiver and rope cocker
      • Parallel Quiver
      • Rope Cocker
      • 3 Arrows
  • REG $ 99.99   SAVE $ 20.00

    A great way to introduce you shooters to the fun of crossbows. 29 lb. draw weight is ideal for training young shooters. Rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation. Includes two 16″ aluminum bolts.

  • Excalibur

    Regular Price $999.99              Save $100.00

    The new Micro 335 is ideal for hunting in ground blinds or tight cover. It’s amazingly quiet, smooth to shoot, deadly accurate, and like all Excalibur crossbow’s it’s built to weather the very toughest hunting conditions for decades of flawless service.


  • Excalibur

    Dealer Special!  Includes upgraded Twilight Scope, FREE Charger EXT Crank, FREE Safety Harness, FREE Take-Down Soft Case, and FREE shipping!!!

    Introducing a crossbow revolution in size and sound, the Excalibur Micro Suppressor. The new flagship crossbow is not only deadly quiet; it’s the most compact Micro we’ve ever designed.

    Built on the popular Micro 355 platform, the new Micro Suppressor delivers incredible performance into an ultra-compact design. Featuring the all new Sound Deadening System, this includes an over-moulded rubberized stirrup and hold down spring, Ex-Shox, String Stars, and R.A.V.S. (Recoil Anti-Vibration System) silencers for deadly suppressed performance. The five-component package works in sync to dramatically reduce vibration and noise when the crossbow is fired, resulting in a much smoother shooting experience and effectively increases your success in the field. The Micro Suppressor features the comfortable and lightweight Bullpup Ready Rest stock, reducing the overall length of the crossbow by 2.5 inches. The Ready Rest stock comes complete with rubber grip inserts for unmatched control and feel.

    If having an incredibly narrow, compact and quiet crossbow isn’t enough, we have included the new X-Hanger quiver that features a quick-detach, lightweight carbon design for versatility and optimal manoeuvrability. The X-Hanger attaches to a three sided tactical Picatinny rail allowing for additional accessory attachments. The Micro Suppressor comes with an ambidextrous cheekpiece, oversized finger guards and the Guardian Anti-Dry-Fire System for the ultimate in safety and protection. The Micro Suppressor’s compact size and silenced shot make it the most revolutionary crossbow on the market today.

    • Upgraded Twilight Scope
    • 30mm rings
    • Sound Deadening System
    • Three Arrow X-Hanger Quiver with Bracket
    • Three Quill Arrows with 150gr Field Points
    • Ambidextrous Cheekpiece
    • R.E.D.S. Suppressors
    • Guardian Anti-Dry-Fire System
    • Charger EXP Crank
    • Explore Take-Down Case
    Image may contain: text

    Harness available in 3 sizes.

    Please specify which size harness you prefer in the ‘Order Notes’ section when you checkout.

    • S/M (100-175lbs Waist 37″-56″)
    • L/XL (175-250lbs Waist 37″-56″)
    • 2X/3X (250-300lbs Waist 48″-60″)
  • Sold Out

    REG $379.99   SAVE $ 100.00

    The HERO™ 380 packs the power of Killer Instinct® into a sleek and compact crossbow frame.  Perfect for the first-time crossbow user, or a seasoned veteran, this crossbow has the capability to take on any adventure. The Killer Instinct Hero 380 is tough, lightweight and has a comfortable fit that is easy to shoot. The Hero 380 delivers ultra-fast Deadly Performance with sub-1” accuracy well beyond 60 yards – go ahead and fill your entire freezer!  Bottom line, the Killer Instinct Hero 380 crushes the competition with impressive performance.


    Lumix 4×32 IR-W scope

    Killer tech bolts x3

    Tactical side quiver mount

    Rope cocker

    Rail lube

  • Sold Out

    REG $499.99     SAVE $150.00

    Meet the wicked child among crossbows!  The Killer Instinct® RIPPER™ 415 is expected to be the ‘maddest of the mad’ when it comes to fast crossbows.  Many say ‘Speed Kills’ and that point is tough to argue.  The Ripper drives bolts at a heart-pounding 415 feet per second and 149 foot-pounds of kinetic energy!  Pair that power with a rugged aluminum shooting rail and CNC machined riser for extreme ‘sub-1-inch’ accuracy [at 80 yards and beyond], and you have one serious weapon.  A narrow, lean profile and lightweight, balanced body that is ready for dead aim at a moment’s notice. The proven 3.5-LB KillerTech™ Trigger is consistent and crisp to aide in long range accuracy.  Fully adjustable stock and forearm grip, along with custom rubber shock absorbers, provides the ultimate performance and comfort for any hunter.  Amp up your attitude and arsenal with the Ripper 415 from Killer Instinct.


    Lumix 4×32 IR-W scope

    Killertech bolts x3

    Tactical side quiver mount

    Rope cocker

    Rail lube


    We have 100 more Ripper Crossbows Expected to arrive approximately December 18th.

  • Parker Crossbows

    Regular Price $549.99              Save $110.00

    • Ultracompact crossbow fires bolts at 315 fps
    • Proprietary Split Limb technology
    • Integrated Micro-Lite limb pockets
    • Contoured pistol grip and forearm enhance handling
    • AVS system reduces shock and vibration
    • Adjustable draw wt. from 130 lbs. to 160 lbs.

    Fire bolts at 315 fps with the ultracompact Ambusher Crossbow Package from Parker. Revolutionary front-end system with Parker’s proprietary Advanced Split Limb technology and integrated Micro-Lite limb pocket system produces maximum bolt speeds while keeping the crossbow’s size to a minimum. Ergonomic, contoured pistol grip and forearm ensure comfortable handling in your treestand or ground blind. Balanced for steady aim and extreme accuracy. Removable stock spacer allows 1″ of stock adjustment for optimal comfort and eye relief. Equipped with Anti-Vibration and Shock (AVS) system for reduced vibration and noise. Exclusive Synergy Cams reduce cocking effort and allow draw-wt. adjustments from 130 lbs. to 160 lbs.. Red Hot synthetic string and cables. Machined aluminum riser and ballistic polymer barrel. Made in USA.
    Speed: 315 fps.
    Power stroke: 11.25″.
    Draw wt: 130-160 lbs.
    Length: 32.75″.
    Width: 18.375″ cocked, 20.875″ uncocked.
    Wt: 7 lbs.; with accessories 7.9lbs.
    Camo pattern: Next Camo® G1 Vista™

    Parker Ambusher Crossbow Package includes: crossbow, Red Hot multi-reticle scope, four-bolt quick-detach quiver, four bolts with field points.



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