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  • Tear-Aid

    Fix punctures and tears on a variety of items with the peerless AIRHEAD TEAR-AID Fabric & Vinyl Repair Patch Kit. Its unique airtight, watertight and elastic composition stretches and springs back to keep the patch in place for a very long time. TEAR-AID stays put when ordinary repair products give out. It’s UV-resistant and extremely handy for fixing towable and boat covers, tents, awnings, sleeping bags, cushions, fishing waders, bicycle tubes, towable tubes, pool liners, rafts, pool floats, kiteboard bladders and more. The see-through patch makes it suitable for fabrics and vinyl of any color. Easy peel-and-stick application.

  • Great ready for a thrilling ride around the lake with the O’Brien Tubester Towable Tube. This single rider towable has a classic donut shape that allows for multiple ways to ride. Four handles with EVA knuckle guards allow a rider to comfortably hold on tight as they’re towed around the lake. The Tubester is constructed of a 24 gauge bladder that is partially covered by a 420D Nylon cover. This tube has a one-person capacity and should be used with a tow rope with 1500 pounds tensile strength.


Showing all 2 results