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Game Cameras

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  • Browning

    REG $ 159.99   SAVE $ 30.00

    For the smallest, most discreet trail camera in the market, look no further than the 2019 Dark Ops APEX cameras from Browning. These cameras feature an invisible infrared flash to ensure game or trespassers on your property aren’t alerted to the camera while it is capturing images or videos. The Sub Micro case size packs all the performance you would expect from Browning with 18 MP picture capability, 1600 x 900 HD+ videos with sound, lightning fast 0.22 second a trigger speeds, and superior battery life. Additional features include SD card management options and Smart IR video to keep recording game during the daytime. The Dark Ops APEX also features adjustable IR flash ranges at night.

  • Browning

    REG $ 259.99   SAVE $ 40.00

    The Recon Force 4K camera features true 4K UHD video recording capability as well as the ability to capture images up to 32MP. This camera also includes adjustable detection ranges from 55ft.- 80 ft. as well as 2 adjustable IR flash modes for optimum picture control at night. To help you view images and videos in the field, the Recon Force 4K has a built in 2 inch color display. Additional features include Smart IR video, which continues to record video footage while game is moving in front of the camera and SD card management options which allow you to overwrite older images on the SD card if the memory is full.

  • Browning


    REG $ 179.99  SAVE $ 30.00

    The new 2018 Recon Force Advantage camera features an adjustable detection range from 55ft. – 80 ft. and 3 adjustable IR flash modes for optimum picture control at night.  Another great feature is the built in 2” color display to preview images and videos right in the field. The Recon Force Advantage also features the highest quality 20 MP pictures and 1920 x 1080 Full HD video quality in either 30 or 60 frames per second for the most incredible video clips of game on your property. Additional features for the 2018 model include Smart IR video, which continues to record video footage while game is moving in front of the camera and SD card management options which allow you to overwrite older images on the SD card if the memory is full.   The Recon Force Advantage is also compatible with up to 512 GB SDXC memory cards.

  • Browning

    REG $ 149.99   SAVE $ 30.00

    The all new Strike Force APEX cameras feature an incredible 0.22 second trigger speed and 0.6 second recovery time between pictures. Experience high end performance with 18 MP picture quality, and a new video processor that produces incredible quality 1600 x 900 HD+ video clips with sound. The Strike Force APEX has an adjustable IR flash range at night to optimize battery life and produce the highest quality night images. Other features include SD card management options, and Smart IR video which continues to record video during the day when game is present.

  • Browning

    REG $ 159.99  SAVE $30.00

    The 2018 Strike Force Pro offers an upgraded feature set including a 1.5” color view screen and an all-steel adjustable mounting bracket for easy installation in the field.  Powerful IR illumination allows you to customize your night images with 3 Setting Selections; Power Save, Long Range and Fast Motion settings to get the perfect night picture.  Other features include SD card management features, 720p video clips with sound and timelapse capability.   The Strike Force Pro is also compatible with up to 512 GB SDXC memory cards.

  • Browning

    REG $ 39.99   SAVE $ 10.00

    The Browning Trail Camera Power Pack will extend the battery life of your Browning Trail Camera in the field. This micro sized battery pack holds 8 AA batteries in the same easy to use battery tray used in the trail cameras. Other features include a built in battery tester and a twist lock plug to lock the power adapter to your Browning Trail Camera. (Batteries not included)

  • REG $ 229.99  SAVE $ 40.00

    • 1/4 Sec Trigger Speed
    • 20MP images
    • Premium grade image sensor
    • Compatible with all CuddeLink cameras
  • REG $ 899.99  SAVE $ 200.00

    Stop checking multiple cameras! With CuddeLink images from up to 16 cameras are transmitted to 1 camera. CuddeLink is not cell service or Wi-Fi. CuddeLink is a proprietary wireless mesh network that allows the cameras to communicate with each other. The image collection camera is the HOME camera, and the transmitting cameras are the REMOTE cameras. Up to 15 Remote CuddeLink cameras can send images to 1 Home camera. Remote cameras can be deployed over hundreds or thousands of acres and their images will be transferred to the HOME camera. Instead of checking multiple cameras to retrieve images, you only need to check one. There is no monthly fee to collect images on the Home camera (a monthly fee is only incurred if you elect to use cell service) and all CuddeLink products are compatible with each other. CuddeLink allows you to check your trail cameras more often and more convenient without disturbing your hunting land. With CuddeLink, you check one, you check them all!

  • Mossy Oak

    REG $ 169.99  SAVE $ 40.00

  • Moultrie

    Regular Price $89.99                  Save $30.00

    4.3″ LCD viewing screen. You can view pictures and videos in the field. Adjustable brightness and zoom functions.

  • Sold Out

    Featuring a 7-inch multi-point capacitive touch screen, this easy-to-use Android tablet viewer lets you view your game camera images in the field while functioning as a full-featured tablet.  With GPS functionality and a full-size SD card slot for the instant, easy viewing of game camera images, this 7-inch, waterproof photo viewer with a shock-resistant cover is rugged and compact enough to go wherever you go. User-friendly and loaded with features, it’s a touchscreen tablet and an invaluable scouting tool in one!

  • Moultrie

    REG $ 99.99  SAVE $ 20.00

    The A-Series is an ideal entry-level camera that is user-friendly, effective and reliable. The A-Series cameras are perfect for basic scouting needs, feeder sites and are economical when you need to purchase multiple cameras. The A300i is a compact camera with 12 MP images, 0.9 second trigger speed, 50 FT detection and flash range, Invisible flash, HD video recording, and much more! The A300i features Moultrie’s ILLUMI-NIGHT sensor for bright and clear nighttime images.

  • Moultrie

    REG $ 119.99  SAVE $ 30.00

    The A700i is a workhorse with amazing camera features: 14 MP images, 0.7 second trigger speed, 50 FT detection and flash range, invisible flash, HD video recording, and much more! The A700i features Moultrie’s ILLUMNI-NIGHT sensor for bright and clear nighttime images.

  • Moultrie

    REG $ 5.99  SAVE $ 2.00

    Moultrie power cord Y-splitter for camera power panel. GAME cameras & accessories.


  • Moultrie

    REG $ 129.99  SAVE $ 30.00

    The Moultrie Mobile MV2 Cellular Field Modem turns your Moultrie Camera into a wireless game camera. Get images sent directly to your smartphone, computer or tablet. The new MV2 Cellular Field Modem runs on the Verizon Wireless 4G network. The MV2 Modem attaches via a USB cord to most Moultrie Cameras since 2015. Once the MV2 is activated and paired with a Moultrie Camera, the modem will communicate with the camera to send you the trail camera images via the 4G network. iPhone and Android users simply download the free Moultrie Mobile app on their smartphone or tablet to begin receiving their game-camera images. The Moultrie Mobile account is entirely customizable to your demands. Set it up to receive text and email notifications whenever you receive a new image. No more pulling SD cards or tromping through your favorite hunting spots to pull cards. Check your trail cameras from the couch, truck or office.

  • REG $ 129.99   SAVE $ 30.00


    Muddy has always been known for the exceptionally high end feature and unwavering quality and now in addition to that, the line has been expanded and revolutionized to contain even more options. The line now contains ladder stands, tripods, ground blinds, and of course hang-on’s and harnesses. It also now includes a complete line of accessories.

  • REG $ 14.99  SAVE $ 5.00

    Designed to deliver fast, reliable performance in extreme outdoor conditions. Able to capture up to 16GB total of high-quality images or video clips, including both 720 & 1080p. Offers quick trigger speeds as well as exceptional recording performance.

  • Take advantage of an enhanced signal by combining the CA-01 cellular antenna to your cellular camera. Suitable for the Link-Evo, Link-S and Link-Dark camera models. Also compatible with most of cellular cameras on the market, adapter provided in the box. Ideal for low cellular coverage areas, the CA-01 has a 15′ long wire. Easy to install with the metal bracket included in the box.


    Please contact us for pricing and availability (989)879-1110 ex 6 or info@northwoodsoutlet.com 

  • As suggested by its name, the FORCE-20 is capturing 20 megapixel images, allowing for the finest details to be studied in each image.

    Night images are illuminated with super-low-glow LEDs, so that even nighttime shots are properly illuminated so you don’t miss a thing.

    Make the most of your scouting with a camera that delivers on the ridge top, and the bottom line.

    Please contact us for pricing. (989) 879-1110 ex-6 or info@northwoodsoutlet.com

  • Most notable is the fastest trigger speed on the market. The staggering 0.07-second trigger speed is literally faster than the blink of an eye, it’s about 1/5 of a blink of an eye actually. Meaning there is almost no lag time between when the camera sensor is triggered to when the camera is awoken and the first image is taken.

    The second, and least notable feature, is the “dark” flash of the invisible LED technology.

    If you want a camera that doesn’t miss game once triggered, and doesn’t alert the game when they’re being photographed at night, the FORCE-DARK delivers.

    Please contact us for pricing. (989) 879-1110 ex-6 or info@northwoodsoutlet.com

Showing 1–20 of 41 results