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Game Cameras

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  • Wildgame Innovations

    REG $89.99        SAVE $20.00

    Three buttons: that’s all it takes to get the Switch™ fully operational. This dummy-proof trail camera is so easy to set up, even first-time hunters and kids can figure it out. Choose a capture mode, delay setting and time zone – and you’re done. The Switch captures crisp, 12-megapixel images and 720p HD videos, and updates the date and time automatically (even during Daylight Savings). Spend your time hunting, not setting up cameras, with the Switch.

  • Browning

    REG $ 199.99   SAVE $ 20.00

    NEW for 2020, Browning Trail Cameras introduces the Defender Wireless Pro Scout series of cameras!  By delivering the quality and performance you deserve along with the “Multi-Cam Data Plan” that allows you to put multiple cameras on one data plan, Browning Trail Cameras continues to be “The Best There Is.”

    Transmit HD images and Video clips over a nationwide 4G LTE network from your favorite hunting spot right to your laptop or mobile device using the Strike Force Wireless management system.

  • Spypoint

    REG $ 14.99  SAVE $ 5.00

    Designed to deliver fast, reliable performance in extreme outdoor conditions. Able to capture up to 16GB total of high-quality images or video clips, including both 720 & 1080p. Offers quick trigger speeds as well as exceptional recording performance.

  • Moultrie

    The A-900i captures stunning 30MP ultra-high-quality images. The trigger speed is a blistering .4 seconds, ensuring that every activation captures even the fastest-moving animals. The A-900i records HD video as well. The A-900i features invisible flash LEDs that take stunning night-vision images out to 60 feet. The ILLUMI-NIGHT sensor ensures the brightest and clearest night images available. To make deployment as easy as possible, the A-900i bundles include a 16 GB SD card along with 8 AA batteries that will power the cameras through 19,000 images. This ready-to-hunt camera will stand out with its features while hiding from prying eyes. The camera is Moultrie Mobile compatible.

  • DESCRIPTION MODEL #5984 | AT&T CERTIFIED Powered By AT&T E2- AT&T is a basic wireless LTE camera FEATURES: Dimensions: 4.41”×2.5“×5.59” 18 Megapixels 1080p HD Video Picture + Video Mode 45° Field of view .4 Second Trigger Speed 44 No Glow LED’s 100 Foot Flash Range 12AA Batteries 1-10 Turbo Shot Burst Scheduled Event MaXimum Silence Image Capture Time/Date/Temp/Moon Phase Stamp 1.5” Color Viewer Pipe Through Security Up to 32GB SD card Reinforced Tripod Mount Introducing the Covert Wireless E2 Certified Cell Cam. The E2 LTE cameras utilize the same Covert Web Portal as Covert’s other LTE models, making integrating this new camera into your arsenal a breeze. With a 45-degree field of view, the E2 LTE has a 0.4 second trigger speed, 1 to 10 turbo shot burst mode and MaXimum Silence Image Capture to prevent spooking game. Each photo includes a time/date/temperature/moon phase stamp for better record keeping and scouting. The E2 models are a basic wireless camera that will take the image and send it directly to your app. Covert Cameras are motion and heat activated or time lapse triggered and designed to send your images over approved cellular data networks. While images have previously been sent instantly through text message, Covert users are now able to view images at any time via the Covert Wireless mobile app. Covert Scouting Cameras is leading the way in wireless trail cam technology. With these new offered abilities you have the woods and security at your fingertips. Stay best in the game with Covert Scouting Cameras.

  • Moultrie

    Reg. $24.99      Save $5.00       NOW SAVE $15.00

    The Moultrie AC Adapter lets you power your Moultrie, Wingscapes, and TRACE cameras from a regular, indoor outlet. Includes the 12 foot power cord and is intended for indoor use only.

  • HME

    The Quick Mount Trail Camera Holder quickly and effectively holds all trail cameras with the 1/4×20 thread insert on the bottom.

  • Browning

    REG $ 159.99   SAVE $ 30.00

    For the smallest, most discreet trail camera in the market, look no further than the 2019 Dark Ops APEX cameras from Browning. These cameras feature an invisible infrared flash to ensure game or trespassers on your property aren’t alerted to the camera while it is capturing images or videos. The Sub Micro case size packs all the performance you would expect from Browning with 18 MP picture capability, 1600 x 900 HD+ videos with sound, lightning fast 0.22 second a trigger speeds, and superior battery life. Additional features include SD card management options and Smart IR video to keep recording game during the daytime. The Dark Ops APEX also features adjustable IR flash ranges at night.

  • Stealth Cam

    REG $ 59.99   SAVE $ 20.00

    Wildview 12 Megapixel (12/8/4) Camera from Stealth Cam with Video recording options: 5/10/15 seconds. Features 18 IR Emitters with a 60 ft detection range and Trigger Speed: 0.7 seconds. Quick Set Program Setting: Burst Mode 1-3 images per triggering, 5 -120 Sec recovery time out, Time, Date , Moon Phase. SD Card slot up to 32GB, Integrated Python lock latch.

  • Muddy

    REG $ 69.99  SAVE $ 20.00

    Easily view SD card images on the go with this high definition SD card viewer featuring 1080P video playback in a durable water resistant housing.

  • Wildgame Innovations

    REG $ 34.99  SAVE $ 8.00

    The 6V Edrenaline® Solar Panel provides worry-free power to your deer feeder all season long. The heavy-duty, high-efficiency solar battery charger keeps batteries charged with advanced amorphous silicon solar technology. Easily clips in place to attach to your power control unit and adjusts to the best angle for optimum solar power. Compatible with 6V power control units.

  • Wildgame Innovations

    REG $ 44.99  SAVE $ 10.00

    The 12V Edrenaline® Solar Panel provides worry-free power to your deer feeder all season long. The heavy-duty, high-efficiency solar battery charger keeps batteries charged with advanced amorphous silicon solar technology. Easily clips in place to attach to your power control unit and adjusts to the best angle for optimum solar power. Compatible with 12V power control units.

  • Cuddeback

    Boost the battery life and performance of your high-performance Cuddeback® C- and E-model Game Cameras with the CuddePower® Game Camera Battery Booster. Channeling the power of 6 D batteries through the camera, this handy battery pack provides 4 times the power capacity of the 8 AA batteries used in the camera. This extra power runs the camera for more than 12 months of operation on a single set of 6 D batteries, even through extreme freezing temperatures and conditions. This extra power also helps the camera provide high quality night images, sending more power to the flash’s LEDs for increased illumination. Convenient design automatically disables the camera’s AA batteries when hooked up to the CuddePower, allowing you to leave them in the camera as a backup.

  • Cuddeback

    The Cuddeback® 20MP IR Trail Camera features Super Simple SetupTM that makes it quick and easy to program your camera and get scouting. It features Cuddeback’s legendary 1/4-second trigger speed, plus a 20MP photo resolution and 24 low-glow IR LEDs that won’t spook game.

  • Cuddeback

    Create a private scouting network without leaving your scent behind. CuddeLink private mesh networking technology, along with Verizon LTE service, allows you to set up a new CuddeLink network in just minutes. Capture photos from up to 15 different trail cameras and have them sent to a single location.

    Each PowerHouse IR Cell Trail Camera has a typical range of a quarter mile in dense forest, and more than a mile in open terrain. For scouting larger properties, CuddeLink Cameras will sync together automatically, creating a daisy chain that extends photo transmission up to 4 miles. Or if you live far away from your hunting property, have your photos sent directly to your smartphone using Verizon’s LTE Cell service. And the best part? Each Camera Network requires only ONE cellular plan.

    Top features for scouting success

    The Cuddeback PowerHouse IR Cell Trail Camera features the fastest trigger speed on the market — 0.25 seconds. No misses. No hind ends. Just high-quality, centered photos with 20MP clarity. Set up is fast and easy, thanks to a simple, digital screen interface. And Cuddeback’s exclusive slide on/off Genius bracket allows for fast, easy installation and removal.

    The results speak for themselves

    A trail camera is only as good as the images and video it produces. Finding only near misses, partial photos and blurred action is frustrating, especially when you need to travel long distances to check your cameras. CuddeLink cameras, with their super-fast shutter speed, fast recovery time and revolutionary networking capability, make checking your game cams more exciting than ever. They save you time, keep you out of the woods, and capture breathtaking images you’ll be eager to share.

    Note: This model requires a cellular data plan to operate.

  • Stealth Cam

    REG $ 89.99  SAVE $ 10.00

    The Stealth Cam PX24 Trail Camera Combo Kit includes a game camera, 16GB SD card, eight AA batteries, and a nylon strap. The camera included in this kit has 18 IR emitters that capture clear images and video even at night. Six quick-set programs and an LCD screen allow for fast, easy set-up, while the camouflage face plate keeps the camera concealed from game and intruders. To help you better track deer, this trail camera stamps each photo with the time, date, and moon phase. Whether you’re scouting for game or watching your property, the Stealth Cam PX24 Trail Camera Combo Kit comes with everything you need to start surveying.

  • HME

    REG $ 39.99  SAVE $ 10.00

    Improve your organization with HME’s SD cards. Provides storage space needed to share or transfer high quality photos and HD videos.

  • Browning

    REG $ 84.99  SAVE $ 20.00

    The New Solar Camera Power Pack is compatible with all of our trail camera models, and provides a constant power source for your camera in the field.  The Power pack includes 6 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries that are constantly being recharged by the highly efficient solar cell to keep your cameras running strong in the field. The solar pack mounts easily to any tree, or can be used with our line of camera mounts.  The solar panel can be easily adjusted to the perfect angle to maximize solar power output.

  • Stealth Cam

    REG $ 159.99  SAVE $ 30.00

    Fusion Wireless Cameras take the guesswork out of cellular activation and will have you transmitting images in a matter of minutes with their quick scan QR setup.  Combined with Stealth Cam’s new data plans, Fusion offers affordable options for every budget & need.  Verizon network.

  • Cuddeback

    REG $ 199.99  SAVE $ 20.00

    • 1/4 Sec Trigger Speed
    • 20MP images
    • Premium grade image sensor
    • Compatible with all CuddeLink cameras

Showing all 22 results