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Air Guns

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  • Crosman

    REG $ 34.99  SAVE $ 7.00

    The Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Air Rifle has been one of the most popular and dependable air rifles for the last 40 years. The Pumpmaster is known for its short-stroke and high-compression pump action. The Pumpmaster works as a repeater for BB’s and comes with a 5-shot clip for pellets.

  • Crosman
    REG $ 69.99  SAVE $ 40.00
    Shooters of all skill levels will appreciate the unparalleled craftsmanship of the Crosman Double Down Dual Competition Kit Semi-Auto BB Pistol. These powerful units are not for kids or the faint of heart! The design allows you to rapidly shoot steel BBs, sending them flying at up to 480 feet per second. The sturdy metal body will feel great in your hand and has a removable 20 shot magazine, so you can shoot and reload with greater efficiency. The proven effectiveness of Crosman Semi-Auto Pistols are sure to make them a fast favorite at the shooting range!
  • Crosman

    Regular price $39.99      Save  $10.00

    The legendary Crosman Pumpmaster offers a simple solution for the beginning shooter. With easy-to-use features like variable pump power for velocity control, this repeater shoots BBs or pellets with power and accuracy. The elevation-adjustable rear sight and blade front sight help you stay on target while the checkered stock provides a firm grip. For over 40 years the Pumpmaster has been “taking it outside” for plinking and target shooting fun!

    Pump 3-10 times with each shot to vary the power – fewer pumps for target shooting, more pumps for high powered pest control!

    The BB reservoir holds up to 200 .177 caliber steel BBs, Preload the internal magazine with up to 18 BBs and the Pumpmaster 760 shoots them up to 625 FPS.

    Included is a clip that holds up to 5 pellets, firing them up to 600 FPS.


  • REG $ 79.99  SAVE $ 40.00

    Everything a young shooter needs to get started is here. Features the 840 Grizzly air rifle with authentic Mossy Oak® Break UpTM camouflage; single pump pneumatic Grizzly with fixed Daisy Model 808 scope. The airgun is sized for shooters 10 and older (adult supervision required), and the easy pumping effort is geared toward younger folks. The 840 shoots either steel BBs (Never shoot BBs at metal objects!) or .177 pellets. With a capacity of 350 BBs, this airgun is truly an all-day shooter.

  • REG $ 59.99  SAVE $ 20.00

    Pair the Daisy Pink Carbine classic-styled BB repeater with a tin of Daisy PrecisionMax 750 ct. BBs and Fun Pack Targets and you’ll have hours of backyard shooting fun! The Pink Carbine features a blade and ramp front sight and adjustable open rear sight. It shoots .177 caliber BBs with a maximum velocity of 350 fps. It’s recommended for ages 10 and older with adult supervision, making this gun an excellent training model.

  • REG $99.99  SAVE $ 50.00

    Female Daisy fans asked for it so here it is: one of our most popular Power Line dual-ammo models (shoots BB and pellets.) in Mossy Oak Pink Camo. The Power Line Model 35 is a multi-pump pneumatic gun that’s light enough to handle but delivers plenty of power – up to 625 fps velocity. Daisy’s Power Line Model 35CP is appropriate for adults and those over 16 years of age under adult supervision. Shoot pellets or BBs for hours of inexpensive backyard shooting fun.

  • REG $ 79.99  SAVE $ 20.00

    The magnetic 8-shot rotary clip of this semi-automatic Co2 pistol lets you load and shoot either BB’s or .177 Cal. Pellets. Two clips are included so you can Reload quickly and easily. Line up the front and rear white dot sights and squeeze the trigger to send ammo down the rifled steel barrel at up to 485 feet per second. The ergonomic grip features a pebble textured grip cover, enabling a steady grip similar to that of your firearm. The PowerLine 408 is ideal for marksmanship training and hours of backyard shooting fun

  • REG $ 69.99  SAVE $ 20.00

    The 880 Rifle from Daisy features classic looks with a woodgrained, Monte Carlo stock, forearm, and grip as well as a rifled steel barrel. The 0.177-caliber rifle can shoot both BBs and pellets with multi-pump pneumatic action. With velocities of 800 feet per second using BBs and 665 feet per second using pellets, it is no wonder that this is one of Daisy’s most popular rifles.


  • Reg $49.99     Save $10.00

    The latest introduction to Daisy’s PowerLine series of adult air rifles is the Model 35, featuring black durable composite stock and forearm checkering. The multi-pump pneumatic action and dual ammo capability make it a fantastic back-yard gun for hours of target practice and friendly competition. Daisy’s PowerLine Model 35 is appropriate for adults and those over 16 years of age under adult supervision.
    Weight: 2.25 lbs.
    Action: Multi-pump pneumatic
    Sights: Blade and ramp front sight. Adjustable rear sight.
    Safety: Crossbolt trigger block
    Max. Muzzle Velocity: 625 fps
    Overall Length: 34.5”
    Caliber: .177 cal. (4.5 mm) BB or pellet
    Stock/Forearm/Grip: Black molded with forearm checkering
    Barrel: Smooth bore steel
    Max. Shooting Distance: 274 yards
    Capacity: 50 shot BB. Single shot pellet.
  • Reg $199.99          Save $100.00


    The Big Cat® will go the distance for 1000’s of rounds at hunting and target shooting in any weather. With the power plant able to yield a sizzling 1250fps and match grade accuracy with PBA® ammunition.


  • Regular Price $219.99         Save $20.00

    The Gamo Bone Collector Hunter air rifle was carefully selected and designed to provide maximum shooting performance.

  • REG $ 89.99  SAVE $ 10.00

    The Gamo P-25 is a CO2 pistol able to shoot up to 450 fps using PBA Platinum ammo. It features blowback action and the 8×2 pellet magazine

  • REG $ 84.99  SAVE $ 40.00

    The Gamo P-27 Air Pistol is a great choice for casual plinking. Powered by CO2 and featuring a double/single action trigger, the P-27 launches bbs or pellets as fast as you can pull the trigger. The pistol is fed by a reversible magazine that holds an 8-shot clip on either side for a total of 16 rounds.

  • REG $ 89.99  SAVE $ 20.00

    The Break Barrel P-900 IGT is a new Gamo air pistol. In order to enhance the authentic look and feel to an already proven design and recognized craftsmanship, these Break Barrel powered pellet pistol are equipped with a true IGT technology , Rubberized grip and Fiber Optics sight

  • REG $ 89.99  SAVE $ 10.00

    This 8-shot pellet repeater has a real revolver mechanism, and single- and double-action. Powered by a CO2 cartridge, the Gamo PR-776 has a 6″ rifled steel barrel. The molded, stippled grips have finger grooves for added control. Extremely realistic.

  • REG $ 119.99  SAVE $ 30.00

    The Whisper G2™ line also offers the exclusive Whisper™ technology making the shot nearly undetectable to pesky varmints, Smooth Action Trigger, Shock Wave Absorber and adjustable cheek rest making it a must-have for any serious varmint hunter.

  • REG $ 159.99  SAVE $ 60.00

    The Gamo WildCat Whisper pellet rifle features the IGT (Intert Gas Technology) piston that allows higher velocity, less vibration and a longer lifespan than the traditional spring powered airguns. The Gamo WildCat Whisper also features noise dampening technology, patented by Gamo. Features: Up to 975 fps using Gamo PBA Platinum pellets, IGT (Inert Gas Technology) piston, Whisper noise dampening technology, Single cocking break barrel, Automatic cocking safety system, Manual trigger safety, Fluted polymer jacketed steel barrel, Standard trigger with adjustable second stage, and a 4×32 shockproof scope with mounts.

  • Reg $79.99            Save $20.00

    • Precision rifled steel barrel.
    • Manual & Automatic Safety.
    • Anti bear-trap safety.
    • Micro adjustable rear sight for both windage and elevation with Truglo fiber optics.
    • Hooded front sight with Truglo fiber optics.

    This lightweight, easy cocking break barrel rifle was designed for the beginning shooter. The short ambidextrous stock features a montecarlo cheekpiece, recoil absorbing rubber butt pad and checkering on the grip and and forearm. The receiver is ready for mounting an airgun scope with its 11mm groove and scope stop. The metal trigger is adjustable for pull and travel.  This rifle is the ideal gift for the newest shooter in your family.

    Technical Information:

    Caliber: 177 Cal

    Weight: 5.3 lbs

    Overall Length: 37.8″

    Barrel Length: 15.6″

    Ammunition: Pellet

    Magazine Capacity: Single Shot

    Cocking Effort: Not listed by manufacturer

    Trigger Pull: Not listed by manufacturer

    Trigger Type: Two Stage

    Safety: Manual and Automatic

    Max Muzzle Velocity: 495 fps

    Action: Break Barrel

    Power Source: Spring Piston

    Barrel: Rifled

    Scope: None

    Stock: Ambidextrous

    Front Sight: adjustable .060″ red fiber optic

    Rear Sight: Fixed hooded .035″ green fiber optic

Showing all 18 results