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  • Reg. $32.99     Save $10.00

    Don’t cover your scent….eliminate it!

    ZERO N-O-DOR spray deodorizes clothing, hair, skin, and all wetable surfaces quickly and safely.  It does so by permanently oxidizing all organic molecules into odorless, non-volatile compounds. ZERO N-O-DOR does not mask odors, it completely destroys them. With ZERO N-O-DOR you are able to remain scent-free all day. ZERO N-O-DOR works equally well on pet accidents, bathrooms, nurseries, and vehicles.

    Made in USA.

  • Reg. $7.99 – $17.99

    Trapper’s everything your need to make your own trapping lures and baits.

    Quality Trapping Lure and Trapping Bait Ingredients. Great selection of essential oils, mink glands, muskrat glands, coyote glands, fox glands and beaver castors. Great selection of lure making ingredients. Also Lure Making Books and lure bottles and bait jars. Also quality fish oil, crawfish oil, anise oil and all your other favorite lure ingredients.

    (Photos do not accurately reflect packaging and/or coloring of product.)


  • Reg. $14.99                Save $5.00

    Trapper’s everything your need to make your own trapping lures and baits.  Fresh Pressed not rotted down. Will not jell like fish oil. Excellent for lure & bait formation. Great for attracting Coon, Mink, Otter and Muskrats.

    Quality Trapping Lure and Trapping Bait Ingredients. Great selection of essential oils, mink glands, muskrat glands, coyote glands, fox glands and beaver castors. Great selection of lure making ingredients. Also Lure Making Books and lure bottles and bait jars. Also quality fish oil, crawfish oil, anise oil and all your other favorite lure ingredients.

    (Photo does not accurately reflect packaging and/or coloring of product.)


  • Reg $14.99         Save $3.00

    Supercharge ordinary field corn with Deadly Dust, the attractant made from real sweet corn which is 5 times sweeter than field corn!

    There’s probably nothing in nature deer love more than sweet corn! This is because of sweet corn’s natural sweetness. Deadly Dust is a sweet corn powder that is derived from the sweetest sweet corn hybrid available – with over 5 times the sugar content of field corn! Deer love the smell of Deadly Dust and the taste will drive them wild. Pour it near your stand or in front of your cameras. Or, use it to supercharge your field corn. Deadly Dust, is better than bait!

    • Made with a special hybrid sweet corn (real, not synthetic) that’s over 5 times sweeter than ordinary field corn
    • Contains over 50% real sweet corn
    • Deer can’t resist the smell and taste of sweet corn
    • Pour Deadly Dust on the ground adjacent to your stand or in front of your cameras
    • Supercharge your field corn by mixing in Deadly Dust
    • Available in 5lb bags
  • Reg $12.99      Save $4.00

    Deer Dig It is an attractant that draws deer in and keeps them coming back. Use in conjunction with BB2, The Cube, To Die For and Deadly Dust during the Spring, Summer, and (in some regions) early Fall to establish areas where deer return to.

  • Reg $10.99    Save $2.00

    BIG&J Attractant Sprays let you spray proven, long range aromas into the air or onto foliage around your stand to attract deer from far and wide!

    You can’t beat the aroma of Liquid Luck® to attract a big buck.

  • Reg. $12.99      Save $4.00

    BioShield™ is powered by NeuroRX™. NeuroRX™ was developed by pharmacists with Prescription Strength results… and is a proprietary formula of Portland Outdoors™. NeuroRX™ works by attacking a neurotransmitter found only in insects. Neurotransmitters control the heart rate and metabolism. Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and bed bugs produce a neurotransmitter called octopamine. NeuroRX™ blocks the octopamine, causing a complete shutdown of the central nervous system… killing insects nearly instantaneously. Octopamine is found only in insects. Humans and other mammals, birds and fish do not produce octopamine. NeuroRX™ is safe to use around children and pets but is deadly to insects when used as directed.

    Made in USA.

    32 oz.

  • Reg. $11.99      Save $3.00

    Northern Gold label Hot-N-Ready XXX lure is 100% pure lure with no preservatives added ready to use right from the bottle. Collected during the absolute peak of the estrus cycle when the doe is ready to stand and breed and comes from whitetail deer only its then bottled within 24 hours after collection for guaranteed maximum freshness put into amber colored bottles to protect from light.

    1.25 fl oz

  • Reg. $14.99     Save $3.00

    A deadly combination of Black Widow Hot-N-Ready doe estrus blended with just the right amount of pure vanilla.

    3 fl oz

  • Reg. $8.99       Save $2.00

    This is the most versatile scent dispenser on the market. The Widow Maker Scent Stick can be hung from a branch, or easily stuck in the ground when hunting a field. The double o-ring design prevents leaks, and allows you to adjust how much wick you want to expose. They are packaged in three colors allow them to double as yardage markers, and our highly reflective band makes them easy to find after dark. The two piece design easily comes apart to allow you to add your favorite Black Widow Deer Lure, and to, replace the felt wick when needed.

    3 pack

  • Reg. $24.99     Save $7.00

    This ESTRUS urine is collected only at the peak of the Estrus Cycle from the mature dominant does in the herd. These are the does the “BIG BUCKS” prefer to breed with. We carefully collect and bottle this urine so it is one doe per bottle. Making “The Matriarch” the most premium estrus lure on the market.

    3 fl oz

  • Reg. $14.99      Save $3.00

    This product is infused with two ounces of Hot-N-Ready Doe Estrus. Scrape Beads slowly release scent over time and will last for weeks. In addition, as deer in the area visit the scrape, their urine will be absorbed in the beads. This is a great way to keep a scrape constantly producing scent.

    2 oz beads

  • Reg $11.99          Save $3.00

    • Unique fogging technology turns the scent into gas
    • Travels in excess of 1/4 mile downwind with just a 3-MPH breeze
    • Leaves a natural scent trail right back to the can
    • Unbelievable drawing power of real sugar beets in an ultra concentrated attractant
    • Helps lure in that big buck!
    • 6.65 oz. aerosol
  • Reg. $14.99     Save $3.00

    The ultimate passion scent that’s effective before, during and after the rut. Contains doe urine, hormones and pheromones collected during the hottest hours of a whitetail’s estrus cycle.

    2 fl oz

  • Reg. $34.99       Save $8.00

    Successful hunters know how to play the wind. They also know the importance of staying scent-free. The D/Code Pro Hunter Kit helps them do both. Kit features a complete D/Code scent elimination system for the most comprehensive approach to destroying odor available. In addition to laundry detergent, field spray, body wash & shampoo, antiperspirant, and dryer sheets, kit also includes our Smoke Detector® for detecting even the slightest wind movements.  All-natural scent eliminator scientifically proven to eliminate six known human odor-causing bacteria.

  • Regular $12.99          Save $3.00

    Calming Zone is made from the scents found in all natural deer bedding areas. This special formula is in a convenient easy to use twist container that creates less mess and easily rubs on any brush. The special screw on cap locks in the scent to prevent evaporation to keep this relaxing and attracting power effective much longer. Not only are you masking your human scent but using Calming Zone with its natural deer bedding scent, helps to bring in deer that are relaxed and comfortable for an easy shot. There’s only one scent that keeps deer at ease and keeps them close by, it’s the smell of other deer. This innovative stick formula is weather resistant, long lasting, evaporation free and contains the power to mask and attract all deer for an ultimate hunting experience.

    • Naturally Attracts and Relaxes Deer
      • Collection of a natural deer’s bedding area, Calming Zone is an ideal scent for drawing deer closer and also putting them at ease, so you can get a clear, steady shot.
    • Effective Cover for Human Odor
      • With your human scent masked, nearby deer are less likely to notice your presence, which means you can get closer to your target and achieve more precise aim.
    • Avoids Evaporation
      • This innovative formula doesn’t evaporate, allowing you to get more effective use the whole season.
    • Easy-to-Apply Stick Formula
      • Use the stick applicator to easily spread this cover scent with less mess.
  • Regular Price $3.99           Save $1.00

    Effective mask human odor. 2 fl. Oz.

  • Regular Price $16.99      Save $4.00

    Screamin’ Heat by Code Blue is the result of extensive scientific research and meticulous collection protocol. Containing 100% pure estrous urine collected from a single doe then enhanced with all-natural female secretions that drive dominant bucks wild, Screamin’ Heat is the hottest, most potent attractant you can use to entice rutting bucks.



  • Regular Price $12.99               Save $3.00

    Coyote attractant. 2 fl. oz.

  • Reg $9.99          Save $2.50

    Rarely will bucks produce a primary scrape without first selecting the perfect licking branch. Code Blue’s Rack Rub Gel is the ultimate scent for stimulating rub activity, encouraging bucks to deposit scent from their forehead and preorbital glands on low-hanging tree limbs by vigorously chewing, rubbing and horn-raking. This marks their territory with an unmistakable aroma that’s unique to every deer; Rack Rub Gel mimics the presence of another buck with these natural glandular secretions. Use it on existing licking branches or to create a mock licking branch to attract dominant bucks throughout the season.

    • Forehead and preorbital gland scent for stimulating rub activity on existing or mock licking branches
    • Mimics the presence of an intruding buck to draw in other bucks all season long
    • Thick gel formulation offers smooth, long-lasting branch coverage
    • Use as a curiosity scent during the early season
    • Use as a territorial-infringement scent during the late season
    • 2 fluid ounces

Showing 1–20 of 131 results