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Fish & Seafood Preparation

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  • The Easy Shake Breader Bowl comes in three parts. The Bowl, where you place your breading and Sifter, where you place all your pre-moistened items to be breaded on. The Airtight Lid, to keep the breading and seasonings in.1. You place the breading and seasonings in the bowl. 2. You place all your lightly moistened meats and vegetables on the sifting tray. 3. Then you cover with the lid. 4. Now you just shake the bowl up, shake it down, remove the lid, and all your meats and vegetables are perfectly of flexible, durable polypropylene, it is dishwasher safe, and stores away it in the kitchen, at the lake, or at camp, the Breader Bowl is your guarantee to perfectly breaded meat, and vegetables every time.

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  • Are you still breading your fish, chicken, pork, wild game, and vegetables the old-fashioned way?

    Now there is a better way with Cook´s Choice™ Better Breader™ Bowl.

    The Better Breader™ Bowl makes breading simple with no fuss, no mess, and no waste. Made of flexible, durable polypropylene, it is dishwasher safe, and stores away easily

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  • Drake’s Crispy Fry Mix is America’s complete, all-purpose batter mix. It’s easy-to-use and so delicious. It does not contain any artificial ingredients. It’s a versatile mix that’s perfect for fish chicken, onion rings, frog legs, shrimp, fruits and vegetables.

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    Andy’s Red Fish Breading is our most popular product. Premium Hungarian Paprika imparts extraordinary flavor plus an appealing hue that’s sure to please a hungry crowd. This unique cornmeal based breading is seasoned perfectly with just the right amount of a peppery bite.

    Andy’s Yellow Fish Breading is colorful, flavorful and enjoyable tastes delight your senses as the natural flavors of your fish or shrimp shine through.

    Andy’s Cajun Fish Breading gives you that zesty, full flavor taste that New Orleans cuisine is famous for. We’ve taken our traditional cornmeal based batter and “kicked it up a notch.” Andy’s Cajun Fish Breading with its unique combination of spices sprinkled with the perfect touch of southern heat will jazz up your seafood whether baked, broiled, or fried.



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  • These breading mixes come in 9 oz. packages and are perfect for Chicken or Fish, several flavors to choose from

    • Oven style fish breading
    • Classic fried chicken
    • Cornmeal fish breading
    • Beer batter fish breading
    • Cajun fish breading


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    Contains 2.25 oz. seasoning.

    A delicious blend of spices in one convenient bottle. Gourmet Fish enhances the flavor of all fish from mountain stream trout and walleye to sea bass and halibut. As with all of our seasonings—be creative and try it on other favorite foods.

    Something for the Bass fisherman. This great seasoning makes the most of grilled, baked or fried Bass, Walleye, Perch, Pike and all wild game fish.

    Throw a bottle of Wild River Trout in you camping gear, you are going to love it with your fresh catch on the campfire! As with all of our seasonings—don’t stop there, try it on other favorite foods.

    Salmon Seasoning is a great flavor compliment to salmon. As with all of our seasonings—don’t stop there, try it on other favorite foods.


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    • Peanut oil is a popular oil for turkey, fish, and chicken
    • 1 gal per container
    • 100 % peanut oil
    • Excellent for deep frying
    • Brand may vary

    This item is in store pickup only.  You may purchase the oil through the website and we will hold it for 48 hours for you to arrange pick up.

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    These rubs are good to use on beef briskets, pork, spare ribs, chicken, etc., which will create a bark.  It’s got a mild flavor but brings a lot to any dish.  A little bit of seasoning goes a long way.

    8.5 oz bottle

    Made in Oxford, Michigan

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