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Safety Harnesses

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  • Reg. $69.99          Save $40.00

    Ultra-Lightweight Exoskeleton. Adjustable to fit all hunters 120-300 lbs. 3-Point Ultra Fit – Ergonomic, form-fitting design adjusts in three areas for a fit that feels natural and unrestrictive. Comfort in all weather. Lightweight, waist belt-free design with slim profile is breathable and easy to wear. Safety & Simplicity – Fast, self locking carabineer, Red webbing marks all connection points. Easy On/Off – Silent micro buckles are quick and easy. Every G-TAC includes complete ready-to-hunt system: Safety harness or vest, tree strap and lineman’s belt. Standard on all G-TAC AIR and G-TAC GHOST Safety Harness & Vests – 30″ Energy Absorbing System (E.A.S.) Safety Tether vs. the standard 24″ tether. True freedom – safely take your shot with extended reach and 360 degree mobility. Also standard is the Integrated Suspension Relief System – Relieves pressure after a fall so you can safely climb back up to the stand. Fall Force Reduction – The proprietary Energy Absorbing System (E.A.S.) tether foot the G-TAC AIR harness and G-TAC GHOST vest reduces the forces felt during a fall by nearly 40% compared to a leading competitor’s tether.

    Harness Color:  Black.


  • Reg. $69.99       Save $40.00

    •Ultra-lightweight ergonomic form-fitting & breathable exoskeleton design adjusts in (3) areas for natural unrestrictive feel in all weather •Waistbelt-free & easy to wear •Features an integrated Energy Absorbing System (E.A.S.) tether to reduce falling forces by nearly 40% •Silent easy On/Off micro-buckles •Fast self-locking carabiner •Red webbing marks all connection points •Includes complete ready-to-hunt system: safety vest treestrap & lineman’s belt •Works w/climbing treestands hang-on treestands & ladder stands •NOTE: Youth* safety harnesses feature 24ft. tether & are adjustable to fit young hunters 50 to 120 lbs.

  • Reg. $19.99         Save $10.00

    The Gorilla Gear Safety Harness Replacement Tree Strap is designed for use with the G-Series safety harnesses by Gorilla Gear. This accessory fits trees up to 22″ in diameter and attaches in seconds with no need for complicated setup procedures. The Gorilla Gear harness ensures that you are snug and secure as you climb. The black color also blends with nature, so if you’re trying to stay hidden, it will be of good use. The strap attaches easily through its quick-connect tether, making it a valuable tool for professional use. This safety strap can hold up to 300 pounds.

    Works with harness models: 77501, 77503, 77551, 77552, 77553, 49065, 49067, 49068 and 49069 only.

  • Reg $79.99          Save $50.00

    The Gorilla G-Tac Air Safety Harness is very comfortable, extremely lightweight, and most importantly, incredibly secure. It includes a 30″ E.A.S. tether for 360 degree mobility and an Integrated Suspension Relief System. Features a 3-point custom fit; soft-coated micro-buckles; self-locking carabiner; red webbing marks at connection points. Includes a tree-strap, and lineman’s belt. For hunters 120-300 lbs. Weighs only 2.6 lbs.
    – Black
    – One Size
    – 30″ tether
    – 3 point custom fit
    – Soft coated micro buckles

  • Regular Price $119.99        Save $30.00

    Smart Fabrics keep you cool and dry all season long. Right Fit™ zones are designed to keep vest snug and eliminate unnecessary bulk. Tether is 1.25” thin and absorbs more shock than before.

  • Regular Price $59.99                 Save $15.00

    X-1 Series BOWHUNTER The X-1 Series BOWHUNTER is the latest in affordable tree stand safety. BOWHUNTER eliminates dangerous dangling straps.

  • Reg $39.99      Save $10.00

    86% of treestand accidents occur while ascending or descending the tree or getting into or out of the stand. Stay attached to the tree from the ground to the stand, during the hunt and back again with a properly installed HSS-LIFELINE™.

    The HSS-REFLECTIVE LIFELINE™ features reflective material that “lights up” with the slightest flashlight beam to locate your stand in low-light conditions. All HSS-REFLECTIVE LIFELINEs™ come with our HSS-RECON carabiner and our new HSS-COWBELL sound dampeners (Patent Number US D759784 S).

    Once properly installed, our HSS-REFLECTIVE LIFELINE™ keeps you connected from the ground to the stand and back again.

    • Reflective material that “lights up” with the slightest flashlight beam
    • HSS-COWBELL sound dampener eliminates rattles and clangs (Patent Number US D759784 S)
    • Accommodate stands up to 30 feet
    • Comes complete with Recon carabiner
    • Heavy-Duty Lockable Carabiner Clip
    • Easy to Use One-Hand Design
  • Reg $129.99       Save $50.00

    • Flexible Tether for 360° Movement
    • Quick & Easy to Put On
    • Super Lightweight! Sized to Fit Most Female Figures With no Extra Bulk. Provides SUPREME COMFORT!
    • One-Hand Carabiner
    • 2 x Gear Lanyards Keep Everything Within Reach
    • Extra Cushion for all Day Hunts
  • Reg $69.99       Save $20.00

    • Lets you down easy if you fall
    • Provides an automatic, hands free, controlled rate descent
    • Works with your existing full-body harness (harness must meet ASTM standards for fall arrest system)
    • Up to 25’ of descent
    • Includes 1 tree strap, 1 descender, 1 carabiner
    • One time use for customer safety
    • Weight capacity 120 – 300 lbs.
    • Individual Descender weight: 2 lbs.
    • 1 year limited warranty
  • Regular Price $99.99                 Save $20.00

    Rest assured knowing that all Summit safety harnesses meet or exceed standards recognized by the Treestand Manufacturers’ Association (TMA). With a Summit harness, you can expect unmatched quality and full hunt-ready functionality right out of the box.

  • Regular Price $79.99                       Save $20.00

    Rest assured knowing that all Summit safety harnesses meet or exceed standards recognized by the Treestand Manufacturers’ Association (TMA). With a Summit harness, you can expect unmatched quality and full hunt-ready functionality right out of the box.

  • Regular Price $79.99        Save $30.00

    Lightly padded and flexible for added comfort and ease of movement. Easily adjustable shoulder. Leg and rear straps ensure correct fit and extra comfort.

Showing all 13 results