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Scales & Measuring Devices

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    Eagle Claw brings you the best fishing products for every occasion. This is a must-have addition to your tackle box. This handy pocket scale features easy to read numbers for accurate weight measurements and a fold-up weighing hook.

    Available in two styles:

    • Pocket Scale 38″ tape measure and 8 lb scale
    • Fisherman’s 38″ tape measure and 28 lb scale
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  • Culling your fish is quick and easy with the floating T-handle design of the Berkley® Tournament Cull Markers. Increase your culling efficiency even more by using these markers with the automatic culling feature on the Berkley® 35 lb. Digital Scale.

    Color/Number codes match the Berkley 35 lb. Precision Digital Scale, T- Handle design for quick catch and release, includes conservation clips as a no-tear solution, and storage hanger provides quick and easy access to your cull marker.


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    With the Berkley® Tournament Scale avid angles can get precise measurements in seconds for quick easy culling.

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