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  • Each Yellow OR12 Side Planer includes a stationary red flag, one OR19 (orange) release, one OR16 (red) clip, two 6/32 screws, two nylon nuts, one split ring, instructions and is carefully ballasted to run flawlessly in rough water off of your rod line. Ideal for Walleye and most fresh water fish.

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  • Shakespeare® reels are known for their rugged, go-anywhere toughness and the ATS™ reel lives up to that legacy. Value packed, the ATS conventional reels deliver performance and reliability. Built for saltwater or freshwater applications.

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  • The Okuma Classic Pro CPLC70CT trolling rod was designed for the serious walleye fisherman on a budget. If you have storage problems, this rod is for you. As a bottom bouncer rod, use it in a rod holder or keep it in your hand to detect those light bites. A good choice for using with in line boards when fishing crankbaits, spoons and spinners. Durable tubular gloss black fiberglass construction and purpose-specific EVA grip designs. Chartreuse tip makes it easy to see. 7’, 2 piece rod for compact storage. 10-25 lb. line rating, 1/2-3 oz. lure rating.

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  • Off Shore Tackle OR12TF Tattle Flag™ Upgrade Kit
    (For use on OR12L, OR12R, OR31L, and OR31R)

    Each kit includes red flag, two OR16 clips, wire, spring, washer, screw eye, split ring, 6/32 screw and instructions. One kit will upgrade one OR12 or OR31 Side Planer. This item is ideal for light biting fish. The flag will pull down when you have a fish on or if you are fouled in weeds.

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  • The Okuma Magda Pro 15 DX Line Counter Reel frames are made of lightweight, corrosion resistant graphite. These reels are fitted with precision cut brass gears for extra strength and long life durability. The stainless steel level wind feature distributes the line evenly for a flat line lay, reducing twists and tangles, and the oversized drag provides consistent smoothness and strength.  This reel is right-handed retrieve.

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  • Off Shore Tackle Snapper Adjustable Planer Board Release with a wider range of tension settings this release. It is ideal for Walleye, Salmon, Steel-head, Trout, and Muskie.While trolling the great lakes. For use with super lines, lead core, as well as mono-filament. This release is made to attached to the bracket with of our OR12 or OR37 planer boards by using the cap nut that came with your boards. You adjust the clamp pressure by tightening or loosening the adjustment screw. You can move adjustment screw in the manner you prefer to secure your line. Easy to follow directions on the back.

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  • Off Shore Tackle’s Pro Snap Weight Clip is a half size clip with an extra heavy spring tension. You simply position your fishing line behind the pin that protrudes through the center of the pads to hold your snap weight securely on the line. This item is ideal for use with snap weight fishing and super braid lines. You can also use this clip on the OR12 and OR31 Side Planers.

    Pack of 2 clips with split rings.

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  • During camping expeditions and adventures in the wild, use Camco RV TST 2-Ply Toilet Tissue as your environmentally-safe toilet paper. Safe for the septic tank and fast-dissolving, it is safe to use on those systems. The toilet tissue rolls contain no dye or perfume to keep your experience a green one.

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  • Off Shore Tackle Tadpole Resettable Diving Weight offer the trolling angler a simple and easy alternative to using traditional downriggers and divers to get lures down to mid level depths. The design of the in-line Tadpole features a flat faced trolling weight with two coast lock snaps. When you set your lure out, the face of the Tadpole points downward, and the coast lock stays at the top of the arm in the clipped position. When a fish strikes, the coast lock slides down the arm into the tripped position, so you easily fight the fish and not the resistance of the diving weight itself. These diving weights are 99% lead free and feature a durable black powder coated finish.

    Off Shore Tackle Tadpole Diving Weights are highly effected by speed. Slight fluctuations in speed can dramatically impact the running depth. Going slower will cause these Off Shore Tackle Tadpole Diving Weights to run deep whereas going faster will cause them to rise and run shallower. This also applies to turns, the inside rods will run a little deeper and the outside rods will run a little shallower.

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  • Light stick feature for night fishing. Extra wide clips for better hold. Lighter than other boards. 1 per package. Choose from left or right.

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  • Convector line counter reels caused a revolution in the fishing tackle industry offering a powerful gearing and drag system platform previously unavailable at the Convector’s value-oriented price. The Convector has grown to a position as a staple in salmon fisheries from Alaska to the Great Lakes, and everywhere in between. The Convector’s no-nonsense design features aluminum and stainless steel components at all critical stress points, along with Okuma’s patented Mechanical Stabilization System that maintains parts alignment over the long term.

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  • Critical situations can arise in an instant while boating or swimming. A sudden cramp can strike even a strong swimmer, making it difficult to return to the boat or to shore. Having a throwable cushion close at hand can help you assist the swimmer, even if you’re not able to personally reach them. Choose a throwable life preserver with built-in straps that aid you when throwing it long distances and look for sturdy exterior shells that can help prevent water from soaking in and reducing the buoyancy. A throwable cushion can double as a comfortable seat during normal use or be stored in a cubby or cabinet. Make sure to have standard life jackets and fishing and boating life vests available for yourself and all of your passengers when enjoying a day on the water.

    Available Colors:  Blue, Red, White

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    Durable Glass Fiber Blank Construction
    Stainless Steel Hooded Reel Seat with Graphite Cushion Inserts
    Stainless Steel Double Foot Guides with Titanium Oxide Inserts
    Durable Shrink Tube over EVA Butt for Easy Removal from Rod Holder
    Tip Over Butt Ferrule Connection for Improved Strength

    Length: 8’6″
    Action: Medium
    Application: Copper, Leadcore
    Line Weight: 12~27lbs.
    Lure Weight: 1/2~4oz.
    Pieces: 2

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  • Compact kayak with a lot of volume… that’s the best way to describe the Vapor 10. This kayak offers a stable, yet efficient ride. The large cockpit opening is designed for a comfortable yet reassuring ride. Equipped with a comfortable seat, the Vapor 10 goes way beyond the basics. Perfect for anglers, sportsmen and recreational paddlers alike, the Vapor 10 is one of our most popular kayak models.

    Kayaks are in-store pickup only.  You may purchase your kayak through the website and we will hold it for 48 hours for you to arrange pickup.



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  • This release comes as standard equipment on the OR34 Mini Planer Board and is ideal for light biting fish such as Walleye or smaller fish using 10-25 pound test monofilament line.

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  • The Pelican BOOST 100 is a great self-bailing kayak. Built on a twin tunnel multi chine hull, This sit-on-top kayak is versatile and easily maneuverable, and offers superior stability.

    Kayaks are in store pickup only.  You may purchase your kayak through the website and we will hold it for 48 hours for you to arrange pickup.

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  • Okuma’s Convector series of conventional reels are perfect for everything from inshore and offshore fishing, to going for Musky, Salmon and Pike in inland rivers and lakes. Light weight graphite construction with reinforcing stainless steel rings provide an extreme stable and strong light weight frame for the stainless steel gears and bearings, all of which when combined make a reel that will not sit around collecting dust but will become your go-to reel for any fishing situation.
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  • This is the original Curly Tail® lure. A generation of fishermen have been catching record fish on the versatile Mister Twister® Curly Tail®. It can be rigged with jigheads as heavy as 3/8 oz. To fish deep, or with a spinner form to fish the mid-depths. With so many colors available, there’s no reason anyone should not be fishing the original.

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  • The TX-22 Special is a proven tournament winner and is now available in a Pro-Pack!

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  • Okuma’s Classic Pro Series is just that — Classic. Designed to match Okuma’s star drag and line counter reels, this dependable family of rods is a great value. These clean, sleek rods are fitted with graphite and stainless reel seats, EVA grips and aluminum oxide guides.

    Okuma Classic Pro GLT Lake Trolling Rod 7’6″ 2 Piece Medium

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  • Save $10.00

    Okuma is the first company to adopt technology which originated in the large machine industry. This technology is the self lubricating gear system feature found on Okuma higher end star drag reels. The main gear on this system incorporates a heat sensitive oil impregnated brass bushing that is mounted in the center of the gear. This system releases oil if friction increases to keep the main gear and drive shaft running smoothly in all conditions.

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  • Closeout item, while supplies last!  No rainchecks.

    Mushroom anchors are an economical solution for light-weight boats. The wide-area mushroom cup provides sufficient holding power in mud and weed bottoms.

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  • Choose Port or Starboard

    With Church Tackle’s TX-6 mini planer board, you can use lighter tackle with an inline planer board. The clip will hold braided, fused, lead core and monofilament lines. Although it is small in size, this board will still take your lure out where you want it. The TX-6 mini planer board is great for Walleye, Steelhead, Bass, Crappie and Bluegill. Add these little boards to your fishing arsenal and maximize your fishing potential!

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