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  • Reg. $159.99         Save $60.00

    Avian-X Topflight Foam Filled Canvasback Duck Decoys. Introducing foam-filled designs to select Topflight lines for indestructible decoys that will ride out the storm – whether it’s raining water or raining steel. Core-Loc Technology fills each decoy with marine-grade foam to 100% capacity. That means there’s zero extra space for unwanted water. Fill ‘em with shot, and the decoys will keep floating with lifelike movement on a weight-forward swim keel. Stability on the interior plus authentic looks and custom feather detail on the exterior deliver the kind of results you’ve come to expect from Avian-X. Six pack.

  • Reg. $159.99         Save $60.00

    These magnum decoys excel on the rough open water where redheads rest and feed. Built to last, their rugged, wide bases suck down and ride the waves like real birds, while their rubber molded bodies are constructed to withstand rough conditions. Carefully selected head positions and body postures mimic the natural personalities of these open water divers. World champion decoy carver Rick Johannsen pulled out all his tricks to make sure these decoys are unparalleled in realism, anatomy and design. Six pack.

  • Reg. $99.99          Save $20.00

    With a variety of postures and ultrarealistic paint schemes, the Avian-X Top Flight Fusion Mallard Decoy Pack will draw more ducks into your decoys. Using the ultimate in paint adhesion and durability, these decoys will be part of your spread year after year. Simply snap the line through the swim clip on the innovative weight-forward swim keel gives natural motion on the water. These 17″ oversized decoys are much larger than standard 10.5” mallard decoys to stand out with a bigger footprint that’ll turn high-flying greenheads. Each six pack has a variety of postures to fill out your spread.

  • Flambeau

    Reg. $19.99              Save $15.00

    The Foam Fawn in perfect for luring coyotes and other predatory animals during the spring and early summer. Those white spots are like a ringing a dinner bell and once a predator has zeroed in on them, he’ll come running.

  • Flambeau

    Reg. $199.99                     Save $100.00

    Our banner decoy series takes its name after the most anticipated phenomenon of the waterfowl season—the arrival of fresh birds with a storm front. Carved by renowned master carvers Tom Christie, Dave Van Lanen and Rich Smoker, Storm Front decoys are a deadly fusion of what the birds need and the hunter demands—unsurpassed realism and unequivocal durability. From a proprietary polymer blend for “battleship” longevity in the field to the ultra-visible, ultra-violet and ultra-effective use of UVision paint technology, the Storm Front series has duping the geese season after season down to a perfect science.

    Includes: (2) Sleepers, (1) Rester, and (1) Napper

  • Flambeau

    Reg. $269.99                     Save $110.00

    Every ounce of Flambeau knowledge and experience was put to the test in pioneering these extraordinary creations.  There is not a product on the market today that can guarantee a successful hunt…although….Storm Front Decoys, boasting the laundry list of features and benefits below, sure can come close!

    Note: All Storm Front Full Body, Shell, and Floater decoy heads are interchangeable.

  • Flextone Game Calls

    Reg $54.99      save $10.00

    With a low-head feeding position, and a contented head, body and feather positioning, this decoy keeps other turkeys calm.

    • Contented head, body and feather positioning
    • Relaxes incoming turkeys
    • Compact design
  • Flextone Game Calls

    Reg $54.99        Save $10.00

    Designed to look like a hen turkey standing upright. Realistic paint scheme, and high-head position signifies dominance to the gobbler.

    • High-head signifying dominance
    • Relaxed feather and tail position
    • Compact design
  • Flextone Game Calls

    Reg $79.99       Save $20.00

    Portable, and ultra-realistic paint and body features draw the bird in close. It can be paired with the included turkey fan, or your own Real turkey fan.

    • Realistic paint scheme
    • Strutting gobbler profile
    • Compact design
  • The Jack Daddy decoy from FOXPRO gives predators the visual confirmation they’re looking for and listening for! The Jack Daddy decoy has a built in Mylar cone speaker which comes with 3 high quality FOXPRO sounds: Bay Bee Cottontail, Vole Squeaks, and Woodpecker. The Jack Daddy has a three-position switch that allows you to turn the decoy On, Off, or On with light. It comes standard with a removable stake and woodpecker topper, which securely packs into one housing for maximum portability. The Jack Daddy comes with the Jack Daddy remote or use your own FOXPRO remote. The remote control operation allows you to turn the decoy and sound on/off. This decoy has a whisper quiet motor and Jacked Up Chaotic Motion for great action and realism. The Jack Daddy is proudly made in the USA.

    Feature Highlights
    • 3 High-Quality FOXPRO Sounds including Bay Bee Cottontail (L54), Vole Squeaks (R07), and Woodpecker (B09)
    • Mylar Cone Speaker provides excellent sound quality.
    • Jacked-Up Chaotic Motion for added realism and maximum effectiveness.
    • Self-Contained Design All items (remote, ground stake, topper) all conveniently store away in the Jack Daddy housing.
    • Compatibility Connects to your existing FOXPRO game call for use with your existing remote control (3.5mm auxiliary cable not included).
  • The Jack Jr. predator decoy offers FOXPRO’s jacked up chaotic motion. The Jack Jr. comes standard with a bird topper (which resembles a woodpecker) with a whisper quiet motor. The Jack Jr. allows for remote operation from your FOXPRO remote digital game call (FOXPRO remote digital game call sold separately). Simply connect a standard 3.5mm mono patch cable to the decoy, and the other end to your FOXPRO digital game call. The auxiliary button on your FOXPRO remote control will now start and stop the action of the Jack Jr.! All current and most older remote models are compatible with the Jack Jr. The Jack Jr. is proudly made in the USA.

    Feature Highlights
    • Jacked-Up Chaotic Motion for added realism and maximum effectiveness.
    • Compatibility – Connects to your existing FOXPRO game call for use with your existing remote control (3.5mm auxiliary cable not included).
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    Reg. 49.99         Save $35.00

    The Mojo Jerk Cord Decoy Line is the most convenient and user friendly jerk cord on the market. The cord is stored conveniently on metal pole frame that doubles as the anchor pole. Anchor pole will support a Mojo spinning wing decoy for added realism. The Jerk Cord contains 60 feet of tar treated cord that accepts up to 5 decoys (decoys not included) attached with stainless steel swivels (included). Includes specially designed unique handle to store any unused cord. The most easy economical and quick method to add real motion to your decoys.

  • Regular Price $39.99              Save $10.00

    Effective wind driven spinning wing duck decoy. Especially popular in areas where motorized decoys are prohibited.

  • Reg. 69.99     Save $10.00


    Kojo is the best coyote decoy for adding realistic visuals to a calling sequence – perfect for attracting coyotes and holding them for a shot.

    Keep it real. Coyote calling sets fail when a coyote doesn’t see what could be making all the noise. Kojo is the best coyote decoy for adding realistic visuals to a calling sequence – perfect for attracting coyotes and holding them for a shot. This coyote decoy also helps keep deer and geese out of gardens, grass and fairways. Even deer hunters find use for it when hunting large tracts of open land. The coyote decoy steers deer into shooting range.

    Coyote Decoy Gallery 1

  • Regular Price $34.99               Save $10.00

    300’ Rig ‘Em Right’s 400 lb. monofilament, 36 stainless steel swivels, 75 nickel plated brass crimps, 3 carabineer clips.


  • REG  $ 179.99   SAVE $ 30.00

  • Regular Price $11.99            Save $3.00

    Hooker allows convenient stringing of a dozen rigged decoys and aligns them perfectly to secure with the standard carabiner. (Carabineers not included).


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