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Boat Lighting

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    The Shoreline Marine LED flexible lighting with 3M self-adhesive tape allows you to place light virtually anywhere. Create a safe glow by mounting the lights under gunnels, helm and the deck or in the cabin. The diodes are completely enclosed in a waterproof thin PCB strip protecting them from the elements. The 12 volt power consumption is very low so you can leave them on for hours with draining the battery. Can be cut every 3 LEDs (approximately every 2″) along the cutting marks, without damaging the rest strips. Comes with 3M adhesive sticky backing for easy and flexible installation. Slim, compact and flexible PCB strip allows easy concealment. High brightness, LED chip; Low power consumption. The small size and low voltage makes the Flex light ideal for a wide range of applications.

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    The Shoreline Marine Portable LED Light is convenient and powerful. Features magnetic clip.

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    The easiest way to add LED lights to you boat. The portable battery operated lights can be quickly strung on a boat railing, windshield, or top. Comes complete with 3 AA batteries ready to use. Stores in a padded pouch. The 10′ sting includes 23 LEDs.

    • 10′ LED string lights.
    • Includes 3 AA batteries.
    • Padded pouch for protection.
    • 23 LEDs on string.
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  • Slim Line LED 4″ Utility Strip Light with LEDs Clear Lens. 100% waterproof potted in epoxy, great for general lighting anywhere on the boat. Includes stainless mounting hardware, 12 volt.

    Available in Blue, Green or White

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  • Attwood offers a variety of durable stowaway combination pole-mounted sidelights for bow mounting. Each features an anodized aluminum pole that raises the light head for visibility above the trolling motor, anchor, or other equipment on the bow. When not in use, lights can be removed from base and stowed, so they won’t interfere with fishing or anchoring.

    One-mile, 225° red/green light visibility for boats up to 39.4 ft. (12 meters). Includes 8-watt wedge base lamp. The locking collar poles offer “Universal Fit” because customers can use them with a wide variety of Attwood 2- and 3- pin straight or angled bases.

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  • Reg. $37.99                  Save $13.00

    Stores easily in less space than conventional stern light and can be removed quickly from the any Attwood pole light base. Aluminum pole telescopes from 26” to 42”. Provides 2-mile 360 illumination for boats up to 65.6 ft. (20m), Includes 12-watt lamp.

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  • This highly used base is constructed of die-cast ZAMAK chrome finish. Swivel cover protects the socket when light is stowed away. Socket is keyed to prevent incorrect insertion of pole light. Provides a 2-pin socket and a 12° angle and installs on narrow gunwales or deck areas. Completely non-corrosive, features contacts which are nickel-plated to resist corrosion and multi-crimped for durability, and wire leads tinned for corrosion resistance.

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  • Be seen and be safe with these small LED lights that shine much brighter than larger lights, while using up to 90% less energy. Multiple mounting options for horizontal and vertical attachment and easy to remove. Kit Includes: Red/Green LED bow light, White LED stern light, Quick-release mounts, Hardware Requires: 3 “AAA” batteries per light (not included)

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  • Reg. $14.99                   Save $5.00

    Slim Line LED 4″ Utility Strip Light with LEDs Clear Lens. 100% waterproof potted in epoxy, great for general lighting anywhere on the boat. Includes stainless mounting hardware, 12 volt.

    Available in Blue, Green or White

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  • Reg. $19.99                  Save $5.00

    304 stainless steel with a plastic body and watertight lamp socket. The Round transom light body is translucent so it shines on both sides of a bulkhead! It can be used to light an interior compartment and may also be used as a cockpit courtesy light. Rubber gasket seals lens and body to mounting surface. Includes one 7.5-watt lamp and two stainless steel #10 screws. Patented design. Light provides 2-mile, 135° transom visibility for pleasure craft up to 164 ft. (50 meters) in length.

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  • Reg. $49.99                  Save $17.00

    This durable, water-resistant, multi-purpose light can be used as a bright 300 Lumen flood light or 50 Lumen red beam for improved night vision. It also has a UV mode for charging fishing lures and line. Features four mounting options and 360° rotation.

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  • Improved light-weight design provides up to two miles of 360° visibility for boats up to 39.4 feet (12 meter). 3 watts at 12VDC. 2-Pin Locking Collar Pole.


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  • This economy “C” Shape co-extruded profile is made to exacting standards from marine grade PVC with UV Inhibitors and Fungicides. It will not crack or distort with temperature extremes. It comes in easy to install 10 Ft. Coils. It can be used on flat surfaces as well as on pilings.

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  • Reg. $79.99               Save $30.00

    Shoreline Marine Underwater Light has a unique technology built into it. It features underwater LED technology that only allows the light to be on when under water. It has thermo protection, meaning that when it is out of water it will shut off. This prevents the lights from burning out on you. The light is completely sealed and is made of high quality 316 stainless steel to make it attractive and durable. Comes with hardware and instructions.

    • The light is a two color high intensity surface mount underwater light with thermo protection technology.
    • The light must be wired to a three way switch and can then be used in the white more or green mode.
    • Comes with hardware and instructions.
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  • Reg. $24.99                       Save $5.00

    Shoreline Marine High Intensity LED Surface Mount Underwater Light has 6 super bright white diodes. Light universally mounts under the water line on the transom, trim tab, or can be used above water in many applications.

    Underwater LED lights using the latest technology in LED lights are proven to attract bait fish during night trips, and can add ambiance to any vessel.
    Highly resistant against all chemical products.
    Replace conventional lights in minutes.
    Comes with two gaskets, for wiring through transom or over the transom. Includes stainless steel hardware.

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  • INTRODUCING LIGHTARMOR PLUG-IN BASES, a new line of light bases designed for premium performance, styling, and durability. Across the entire product line, you get the intelligent engineering that LightArmor is known for.

    A Sure Fit

    • The new Light Armor Plug-In Light Bases have a threaded design feature that fits perfectly with the threaded locking collar now offered across the entire line of Attwood Pole Lights. This unique system ensures a tight and secure fit that prevents annoying rattling while underway or trailering
    • Upgraded styling and appearance comes in rectangle shape

    Key Features:

    • Threaded Locking System for a secure fit
    • Unique cover design Stays secure while underway or trailered
    • Low-profile prevents water from pooling on top surface
    • Aftermarket packaging includes a new 2-pin Threaded Locking Collar to retro fit existing pole lights
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  • What is the Attwood difference, Value and ingenuity. For more than 100-years Attwood has been proud to serve the parts and accessory needs of the marine industry. We have partnered with you to design, manufacture, test, and distribute a complete line of products that have been a part of your tradition, and we thank you for this opportunity.

    12-Volt low ampere draw LED
    Above water line surface mount installation
    Interior applications

    Available in 4″, 6″ or 8″

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  • SAVE $6.00

    Great for general lighting, this slim line LED strip light is 100-percent waterproof. Designed with 12 LED lights, this strip light can be used below or above water. Stainless steel hardware included.

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