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Kitchen Appliances

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  • The Camco Plastic Cutting Board is perfect for any camping trip. It is lightweight but durable and easy to pack.
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  • The Weston Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Electric Vacuum Sealer is a great choice for a compact sealer to preserve your favorite wild game, meats, fruits, and vegetables, by locking in freshness and flavor. When storing wild fish and game, one of the most important parts is the removal of any air that may come in contact with the meat or fish that could cause freezer burn. This tool makes it quick and easy with three simple controls for preserving your prized catch or preparing your garden vegetables for freezing. Vacuum & seal mode removes all air and seals the bag automatically. The seal only and pulse modes provide extra control for delicate jobs. Includes ten bags (6 quart-sized, 4 gallon-sized).


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    The LEM MavVac® Vacuum seal roll material is designed to achieve the professional results master chefs demand.

    Ideal for Big Jobs: Our innovative parallel channel design prevents hidden air pockets while the sturdy 3.5 mil puncture resistant plastic makes these bags ideal for the big jobs.

    Customizable and Reusable: Roll material allows you to customize bag size to perfectly fit the food you are sealing reducing bag waste and saving you money. Bags and bag roll material are reusable and include a space to label the date/contents.

    Compatible: All bags and bag roll material are compatible with most major vacuum sealer brands.

    Versatile: Great for Sous Vide cooking or keep your valuables dry. These bags are up to the task – and all at a price that makes sense!

    For Optimal Results: Engineered to achieve optimal results with all LEM® MaxVac® heat seal bar vacuum sealers and most national brand sealers.

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  • The CHARD Oil Pump is a battery-operated transfer pump that makes filtering and transferring fryer oil quick and simple. Easy to operate, simply place the pump into the container holding the oil and the clear hose into the transfer container. Designed to keep the pump valve off the bottom of any pot to prevent intake of excess food particles. Features a user-friendly on/off rocker power switch. Uses two D size batteries (not included). Enjoy the effortless clean-up process, the pump does the work. Save and recycle / reuse your cooking oil.

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  • Zipper vacuum bags have a unique top that lets you reuse your bags after the initial seal. These sturdy 3 mil, puncture-resistant plastic bags work great for all of your big storage jobs. All bags are reusable, include a space to label the date/contents and are compatible with most major vacuum sealer brands. Each gallon bag has an easy-open tear notch and a pattern design that helps hold in moisture. These bags are up to the task – and all at a price that makes sense.

    For optimal results, use with the LEM MaxVac Sealer. Not compatible with chamber vacuum sealers.

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  • The Nesco 8 Quart Digital Pressure Cooker is sleek, safe, quiet, and 4 appliances in one: pressure cooker, steamer, slow cooker, and rice cooker. The multi-functional digital control panel with LED display and preset programs give you the right tools to ensure consistent results. It’s ideal for quick and efficient high- and low-pressure cooking, browning, steaming vegetables, and cooking rice. Additional functions include time delay, keep warm, and slow cooking. Multiple built-in safety features control and regulate the pressure continuously and allow you to cook without worry. The 8 qt. aluminum non-stick cooking pot is removable and dishwasher safe. The durable stainless-steel body is lightweight and has side handles for safe handling. Accessories include a steam rack, spoon, measuring cup, condensation drip cup, and removable power cord. This cooker prepares your favorite recipes faster and makes healthy, delicious meals with a touch of a button.

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    The Crockpot Cook & Carry Manual Slow Cooker is convenient for travel, potlucks, family gatherings, tailgating, parties, and just about any time you need to transport food prepared at home. The removable stoneware also doubles as a serving dish. It features high and low settings for flexible cooking times, and a warm setting to keep food at a good serving temperature so the crowd can enjoy your cooking whenever they wish. A dishwasher-safe insert and glass lid make cleanup quick and easy.

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    The smart choice for healthy, flavorful meals, fast and easy. Foods cook 3 to 10 times faster than ordinary cooking methods, saving time, energy, and money. Includes easy-to-follow instructions and delicious recipes. Chicken, fish, meat, vegetables, and even desserts cook to perfection fast. Helps tenderize economical cuts of meat. Strong, heavy-gauge aluminum for quick, even heating. Suitable for use on regular and smooth-top ranges. Pressure regulator maintains the proper cooking pressure automatically. Cover lock indicator shows if there is pressure inside the cooker. Special rack included for cooking several foods at once with no intermingling of flavors. Helper handle for ease of handling. Fully immersible and dishwasher safe with the sealing ring and over-pressure plug removed. Extended 12-year limited warranty. Do not fill pressure cooker over 2/3 full. For soup, grains, and dry beans and peas which expand during cooking, do not fill cooker over 1/2 full. Overfilling may cause a risk of clogging the vent pipe and developing excess pressure

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  • With the Weston® Sous Vide Immersion Circulator, you’ll prepare restaurant-quality food at home like a pro. Cook steaks, game meats, fish, and other meats and vegetables to the precise temperature, while retaining the delicious flavor and juiciness.

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    The healthy way to cook! Raised grid cooking surface allows fat to drip away.

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  • Make delicious deep fried foods, fast and easy!  Cool-touch exterior.  Big 6-cup food capacity in a compact size.  Perfect for chicken, shrimp, onion rings and more.  Makes up to 6 servings of french fries.  Exterior handle lets you lower food into oil with the cover closed.  Adjustable thermostat.Locking cover prevents spattering and reduces odor.  Replaceable charcoal filter absorbs odors.  Indicator light signals when oil is ready for frying.  Large viewing window.  Removable pot for quick and easy cleaning.  CoolDaddy cool-touch deep fryer offers a big 6-cup food capacity in a compact size.  Perfect for frying chicken, shrimp, onion rings, french fries and more, fast and easy.  Exterior handle lets you lower food into the oil with the cover closed to prevent spattering.  Removable pot for easy cleaning.

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    Pasta Cutters Available:

    Make fresh, homemade pasta just like your grandmother used to with this vintage-style pasta maker. Simply prepare your dough, feed it through the rollers to make a sheet, then feed it through the cutter to shape your noodles. This stainless steel, traditional style pasta machine comes with a fettuccine and spaghetti cutting attachment and has seven thickness settings. Clamps to most countertops.


    • Includes attachment for cutting either fettuccine or spaghetti
    • Adjustable rollers for multiple thickness settings
    • Heavy-duty construction and metal housing for a lifetime of use
    • 6” wide rollers
    • Clamps to your countertop
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