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  • Reg. $34.99               Save $10.00

    Illusion Black Rack Deer Rattling System. Rattle a trophy buck into range with the most effective system yet! SAVE BIG! Better than the real thing! The Illusion Black Rack Deer Rattling System features two Full Racks, exclusive Bone-Core Technology and innovative Black Concealment color, all of which make this System more effective than other methods, including using real shed antlers.

  • Buck Gardner Calls

    Reg. $34.99         Save $7.00

    The Buck Gardner Double Nasty 3® Diamond Wood Duck Call brings them in close for action packed hunting. The Double Nasty’s short barrel technology and double reed design delivers realistic hen sounds and raspy quacks that bring them straight into your decoys from long distances. The Double Nasty 3 Diamond Wood Duck Call’s Spit-Tech technology promises unmatched calling consistency from loud booming call-backs to feeding and subtle calls. Made in USA.

  • Buck Gardner Calls

    Reg. $29,99       Save $10.00

    This sleek-looking call is big on sound and volume but won’t break the bank. It is extremely easy-blowing and forgiving for beginners as well as experienced hunters. Our exclusive Quick-Tune™ guts and reed system make for simple cleaning and re-assembly. Double O-rings on the insert form an airtight seal with the barrel to enhance sound quality. Each call is hand-tuned and tested before shipping. The Gander Hammer is built with Quick Tune guts for easy cleaning and reassembly. You’ll be impressed, and get more bang from Buck.

    Available in Dark Green and Fluorescent Green.

  • Flextone Game Calls

    Reg. $34.99          Save $8.00

    Get in-your-face goose action with the Supernatural™ Canada goose call. The soft-touch hard body forms compelling goose sounds while providing a comfortable, sturdy grip – even in rough conditions. The short reed packs an extra goosey tone that’s easy for all callers to achieve. Harness supernatural-level power to create double clucks, feeding chuckles and other killer calls.

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    Flextone Game Calls

    Regular Price $24.99              Save $7.00


    Flextone put the Whole Herd in One Call. The Buck Collector produces all known vocalizations as well as wheeze sounds through one killer deer call. Its soft and flexible body allows for easy sound manipulation and changes in tone. The soft body also allows it to fold in your pack and the deer won’t spook when the call hits your gun. The True- Touch buttons allow for doe and fawn sounds if the situation calls for bleat or a fawn bawl. The Buck Collector Plus is the only call you need this season.

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    Flextone Game Calls

    Regular Price $24.99         Save $7.00

    Produces all known sounds of whitetail, mule and blacktail deer

    Includes the Buck Rage™ and Killer Wheeze™

    Press buttons for young buck grunts, doe bleats or fawn bawls

    “Tone bulb” creates perfect back pressure for growls & aggressive

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    Flextone Game Calls

    Reg $24.99         Save $5.00

    The flextone® Headhunter’s Extractor Deer Call imitates mature buck grunts, young buck grunts, doe grunts, doe bleats, and fawn bawls; and a snort-wheeze chamber gives hunters a chance to pull a dominate buck within range. The Extractor offers an added bonus with flextone Technology—a molded throat tube is flexible enough to offer realistic tones with added inflection by squeezing the corrugated hose to change the tone. An X-Glide button slide adjustment allows user to quickly change from buck grunts, to doe bleats and even fawn bawls. The X-Glide design also eliminates the reed from freezing by sliding the button back and forth to remove any ice build-ups. The flextone Headhunter’s Extractor Deer Call is an extremely versatile tool for hard core deer hunting.?
    Manufacturer model #: FG-DEER-00063.

    • Imitates a variety of deer calls
    • Mature and young buck grunts
    • Doe grunts, doe bleats
    • Fawn bawls
    • Loud snort-wheeze
    • Adds inflection
    • Freeze Proof design
  • Flextone Game Calls

    Reg. $19.99       Save $5.00

    Make your next hunting trip a success with the Flextone Wily Mallard™ Single-Reed Duck Call, which has a large body with a thick diameter to provide realistic sounds that can attract call-shy, late-season mallards. The Wily Mallard® Single Reed uses a small chamber and short body to maximize airflow for greater control and volume – making it ideal for meat hunting. The single reed design further amps up the volume level, while also adding versatility so you can customize your calling. We combined the best of new and old technology in this one so hunters can create incredibly natural tones with an extra-wily edge.

  • Flextone Game Calls

    Reg. $12.99          Save $3.00

    That feeling you get watching woodies land surrounded by your decoy spread – that’s a feeling you’ll get time and time again with the Flextone® wood duck call by your side. It brings Flextone’s patented flexible body design to wood duck calling, creating unparalleled wood duck sounds that might even fool you if you close your eyes.

    The secret to the soft body is its ability to twist and bend, resulting in natural inflection that enhances volume and tone. Start with some yodels and feeding chatter, then see where you can take your calling skills from there.

  • Flextone Game Calls

    Reg. $24.99      Save $7.00

    You should always go into the stand with the best tools you can find, and World Predator Calling Champion Steve Criner worked directly with Flextone to design the best. The Jack the Reaper™ Long-Range creates loud, raspy, lifelike distress calls with impressive long-range power. It’ll drive coyotes, foxes and bobcats so wild – they’ll just have to come see what all the fuss is about.

    The open reed design offers advanced tone customization options, and the flexible body takes it one step further for added inflection. The unique lip cushion also improves the call’s performance in the field; a soft, rubber pad below the mouthpiece holds the call in place so it doesn’t slip from your mouth or irritate your teeth. If you don’t use a lanyard, this can be especially helpful to maneuver with your call while afield.

  • Flextone Game Calls

    Reg. 11.99        Save $4.00

    Bring ’em in and bring ’em down with the Six-N-One waterfowl whistle. This versatile call grabs the attention of a wide variety of bird species and will keep any waterfowl or bird hunter plenty busy.

    A flexible body makes this whistle even more deadly. This designs gives you the power to control volume and tone to achieve more life-like sounds. You don’t just have six calls in your back pocket; you have six realistic vocalization that are going to fill your freezer in no time at all.

  • Flextone Game Calls

    Regular Price $12.99                Save $4.00

    Total hand free design with lanyard. Soft rubber body for instant bleats, grunts, or bawls.

  • The Deadbone is an entry-level caller with high quality FOXPRO technology at an affordable price. The Deadbone comes standard with 15 high quality FOXPRO sounds and the ability to play two sounds at once. The Deadbone has a rugged ABS housing, which is lightweight and offers maximum portability. It features a single high-efficiency horn speaker that delivers a crystal-clear, high quality sound. It also has a pilot lamp/low battery indicator that glows green while on, and blinks when batteries are getting low. The Deadbone operates on 4 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries. The remote gives you remote control of 15 sound selections, mute, volume, power on/off, and an add button to play 2 sounds at once. The remote operates on a 9 volt battery.

    The Deadbone is backed by a 1 year limited warranty and FOXPRO’s unmatched customer support and is proudly made in the USA!

  • The HammerJack is portable, lightweight, and easy to operate. It comes standard with 100 high-quality FOXPRO sounds, 111 FREE sounds, and has the ability to hold up to 300 sounds. The HammerJack features dual-amplified speakers to deliver incredible volume. The front horn speaker handles your coyote vocalizations and common distress sounds with ease, and the rear cone speaker handles the low frequency sounds such as bear growls, owl sounds, and even mountain lion sounds. When combined, they deliver a crisp, clear, high-quality, realistic sound. If you want even more volume, the HammerJack allows you to connect two external speakers for incredible volume capabilities. It has a charge jack, auxiliary jack, and includes the FoxJack 4 with the FOXPRO Fuzzy Wuzzy topper.

    FOXPRO’s HammerJack remote is easy to operate and navigation through the sound categories is a breeze. The remote has two preset buttons, a mute button, volume up and down buttons, and much more. All of these features in one amazing, compact, high-quality unit makes the HammerJack an incredible value. It’s packed with great features and innovations from FOXPRO.

    The HammerJack is backed by a 3 year limited warranty, FOXPRO’s unmatched customer support, and is proudly made in the USA!


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    Reg. $8.99             Save $2.50

    Draw deer within shooting range with authentic calls, grunts, snorts, and wheezes. Scientifically designed and field tested to produce results, the BucGrunter™ gives you the competitive edge you need to outsmart even the most wary whitetails. Includes lanyard.

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    Reg. $11.99                 Save $2.00

    The Rubline Grunt Call is easy to master and capable of making soft or loud vocalizations of both young and mature bucks. Made in the U.S.A., the deer call features a custom maple-wood barrel with a European-style whitetail deer logo. The quiet, flexible tube has a flared end for secure grip and control. Easily alter the direction and tone of the call by flexing the tube and cupping your hand around the end. Includes lanyard.

  • Sold Out

    Regular Price $9.99           Save 3.00

    This realistic call has two positions for a juvenile buck or dominant buck. Soft to loud tones are super realistic and challenge.

    Includes lanyard

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    Knight & Hale

    Regular price $12.99              Save $3.00

    Featuring quality rubber construction and an easily manipulated call chamber, the Arrowhead produces realistic, natural sounds that other calls just can’t match. Mimic an intruding buck with loud, aggressive noises like grunts and growls, or peak their interest with bawls and bleats, to make sure you take home a trophy instead of just a good story.

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    Knight & Hale

    Regular Price $14.99              Save $3.00

    The EZ Grunter® is an excellent close-range call that produces both buck and doe vocalizations. With a little practice, you can produce a wide range of grunts, allowing you to use one call for many different scenarios.

  • Sold Out
    Knight & Hale

    Regular Price $14.99              Save $3.00

    The EZ Grunter Xtreme is a versatile, all season call that reproduces all the common deer grunts, including realistic hyperventilating sounds of big bucks chasing and tending does.



Showing 1–20 of 29 results