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  • Attwood Boating

    Regular Price $19.99                   Save $5.00

    Features a new ergonomic design and easy to find rapid release latch mechanism. The large, easy-grip lock-nut offers easy adjustment. 180 degree vertical adjustment range for a variety of rod tip height settings. Use with casting rods and spinning rods.

    • Includes Combo Mount
    • Black
  • Berkley

    Regular Price $13.99                   Save $3.00

    Keep your rods neat and tangle free with this rod rack holder made by Berkley®

  • Celsius

    Regular Price $16.99           Save $4.00

    Padded seat helps keep your combos from tangling, fits most 5-6 gallon buckets

  • Fish Hawk

    Regular Price $269.99


    Smaller. More powerful and efficient. Bulletproof. The Fish Hawk X4 Trolling Probe is the most advanced probe ever built. Introduced in the spring of 2009, the X4 Probe continues to get rave reviews from trollers already using them. Already own a Fish Hawk? No problem, the X4 Probe works with the older Fish Hawk 840 Thermo Troll.

    • Deep water transmission, 300-feet guaranteed
    • Easy on batteries, 4 AA will last a minimum of 100-hours
    • Also works with the older Fish Hawk Thermo-Troll 840
    • Water activated – auto-on and off
    • Fully sealed electronics case, 100% leak proof
    • 30% smaller, minimizes cable blowback, 6 1/2″ x 2″ max
    • Wireless, sends data back to the boat via sonar signal, does not need a coated cable
    • Made in the USA


  • Fish Hawk

    Regular Price $799.99






  • Fish Hawk

    Regular Price $499.99


  • Rapala

    Regular Price $17.99               Save $4.00

    Textured comfort grip handle offers sure grip for added safety even when wet. Safety finger guard offers extra protection from slippage

  • Rapala

    Regular Price $24.99            Save $6.00

    The Mini Digital Scale now measures up to 50 lbs. with precision accuracy. 4 minutes shutoff feature ensures long-life with one 9 V battery (not included). An angler favorite.

  • Rapala

    Regular Price $19.99                     Save $4.00

    Tuff-Knit Steel flexible steel strands offer exceptional cut and slash resistance, while seamless construction provides the comfort, fit and dexterity of a knit glove


  • Rapala

    Regular Price $119.99              Save $30.00

    Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack

  • Shakespeare

    Regular Price $34.99                Save $10.00
    Performance and style combine in the Agility to create an excellent value. The Agility spinning reel contains a 4+1 bearing system for a smooth retrieve. The double anodized ported aluminum spool reduce weight and provide corrosion resistance. Complete with a multi-disk drag system provides great fishing performance.

    • 4+1 Instant Anti-Reverse bearings
    • Machined and anodized aluminum spool
    • Right or left hand retrieve
    • Multi-disk drag system
  • Shakespeare

    Regular Price $29.99              Save $8.00

    • This contender spinning reel comes with three ball bearings plus a one-way clutch instant anti-reverse bearing
    • Includes ported spool for a lightweight feel and oversized magna bail wire for increased durability
    • The contender is built with a cold forged aluminum spool for added strength
    • It has on/off anti reverse and a left/right convertible fold down handle ensures a comfortable hold
  • Shakespeare

    Regular Price $17.99                  Save $5.00
    Quality components and high end features make the Shakespeare Crusader the best value in the market.

    • Ball Bearing
    • Cold Forged Aluminum™ spool for added strength
    • Ported spool for a lightweight feel
    • Smooth multi-disc drag system
  • Shakespeare

    Regular Price $9.99                  Save $2.00

    Shakespeare continues to innovate and design products for everyday anglers. The Synergy® Steel series is a great value for anglers of all skill levels.

    • Polished stainless steel front cone and line guide
    • One steel pick-up pin
    • Steel handle
    • Metal gears for increased durability
  • Shakespeare

     Regular Price $17.99              Save $5.00

    Shakespeare’s dependable Synergy® Titanium Ti10 Spincast Reel is an affordable priced, long-casting reel that’s a great match for your medium action freshwater rod. Featuring a streamlined design, the Synergy Titanium Ti10 Reel sports a polished stainless steel front cover and rear cover. Outfitted with an ultra-smooth 2 ball bearing drive, titanium line guide, Insta-Grab™ dual titanium pickup pins, on/off anti-reverse bait clicker and a durable elastomer pinch ring to reduce line abrasion, the Synergy Titanium Ti10 Reel’s wobble-free, convertible metal handle is equipped with soft-grip rubber knobs. Plus, the Synergy Titanium Ti10 Spincast Reel is pre-spooled with 75 yards of 10 lbs. of Supreme® mono-filament.


    • Affordable priced, long-casting reel
    • Polished stainless steel front cone and rear cover
    • Titanium line guide
    • Insta-Grab dual
    • Titanium pickup pins
    • Durable elastomer pinch ring
    • On/off anti-reverse bait clicker
    • Dual grip metal handle with soft rubber knobs
    • Left/right convertible retrieve 2 ball-bearing drive
    • Pre-spooled with Supreme
  • Shakespeare

    Regular Price $17.99              Save $5.00
    Fish with the tried and true design of a spincast reel with the modern touches of Shakespeare® engineering. The Synergy Titanium Undercast Spincast Reel features a titanium line guide and durable elastomer pinch ring that reduces wear on the line. Soft-grip rubber knob caps the strong handle making the retrieve smooth and comfortable.


    • Polished stainless steel front and rear cover
    • Titanium line guide
    • Gear driven, adjustable multi disc drag system
    • Insta-Grab dual titanium pickup pins
    • Durable elastomer pinch ring for reduced line wear
    • On/off anti-reverse and bait clicker
    • Strong metal handle with soft-grip rubber knobs
    • Left/right convertible retrieve
  • Shakespeare

    Regular Price $17.99                 Save $5.00

    Tough, modern and dependable; the Synergy Ti from Shakespeare is the best bang for your buck in the spincast market.

    • Polished stainless steel front and rear cover
    • Titanium line guide
    • Gear driven, adjustable multi-drag system
    • Insta-Grab dual titanium pick-up pins
  • South Bend

    Regular Price $1.49                  Save $.49

    Features hi-visibility floating handle.  Use for scooping or netting bait minnows. Fine mesh nylon netting

  • Sufix

    Regular Price $49.99                  Save $30.00

    Sufix Siege fires a lure farther, straighter and with less effort than you ever imagined. Advanced performance engineering assures unbeatable casting distance with sharpshooter accuracy. Patented abrasion technology provides tough-as-nails durability to tackle any heavy cover situation. The result is a line that handles beautifully, casts like a dream, and thanks to an exclusive NanoTech Process, is up to 15 X tough. This is definitely the ultra-premium mono filament that belongs on your casting or spinning reel!

    Choose your weight 6 LB, 8 LB


    • Precision Performance Monofilament
    • Superior Tensile & Knot strength
    • Smooth Handling
    • Durable
    • Clear color


  • Vicious

    Regular Price $6.99                Save $2.00

    Choose your weight 4lb, 8lb, 10lb, or 12lb

    • C.T. Advanced Copolymer Technology
    • High tensile strength, very low stretch, superior knot strength and cast ability make Vicious Ultimate perfect for all types of angling.
    • 330 Yards of clear blue line

    Made in the USA

Showing 1–20 of 28 results