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  • clam

    Reg $399.99          Save $100.00

    The Blazer Stealth Thermal is the ultimate, one-person flip over shelter. At only 42 pounds, it’s the perfect shelter for the angler on the “go”, easily fitting into the back of a pickup. This simplified version of our popular fish trap flip-and-go fish houses is the perfect model for anglers who are just getting into ice angling or need an ultralight, portable shelter for early and late season adventures. The Tri-bond tech skin keeps the heat in, and the light out which makes the Blazer Stealth Thermal perfect for sight fishing!

    This item is available for in-store pickup only.  You may purchase the shanty online, and we will hold it for 48 hours for you to arrange pickup.
  • clam

    Protect your shelter from elements, keep it from filling with snow and ice! If you plan to do a lot of running and gunning pulling your shelter by sled or ATV, a travel cover and runner kit will increase the life of your equipment. Travel covers are also great for protecting your gear when transporting your shelter in the back of a truck or on a trailer.

  • clam

    Reg $89.99         Save $20.00

      • Protects your Clam ice shelter during travel
      • Prevents snow and slush from saturating shelter
      • Fits X200/X400 models
    Protect the fabric shell of your Clam ice shelter during travel and storage with this durable Clam Outdoors X200/X400 Travel Cover. Prevents snow and slush from saturating your ice shelter when it’s pulled behind an ATV on the lake, and it’s also great for protecting ice shelters from wear during long rides in a trailer or truck bed. Imported.
  • clam

    Reg $27.99         Save $9.00

    Model #: 10153

    The NEW Dave Genz Power Stick Series has received numerous tweaks and adjustments since it conception. The fish don’t’ stop moving and neither do we with designing and producing top quality products. This year’s Powerstick includes a sensitive graphite rod with lightweight wire frame guides. Combining this with the Powerstick reel and big fish don’t stand a chance.

  • clam

    Reg $499.99         Save $150.00

    The ultimate in comfort, the Fish Trap Scout Thermal has all the same features as the Scout TC, but in a Full Thermal skin. Staying extra comfortable on the ice has become the standard.


    • Super-tough 900 total denier fabric
    • Black inside fabric
    • Full Thermal Trap™ Technology (retains heat and reduces condensation)
    • Lightweight One person shelter
    • Flip -n – go pole system (non-extendable tubes)
    • Mesh Seat that slides front to back
    • Tub design increases usable space by 23%!
    • Includes hammock for accessory storage
    • Front Access Door

    SET UP SIZE:   L 89″ x W 36″
    CENTER HEIGHT:   56″
    PACK SIZE:   L 45″ x W 36″ x H 20″
    FISHABLE AREA:  11 Sq. Ft.
    FABRIC:  600 Denier
    # OF ANGLERS:  1

    This item is in-store pickup only.  You may purchase the item on the website and we will hold it for 48 hours for you to arrange pickup.
  • Sold Out

    Reg $799.99          Save $200.00

    Clam has taken our popular “Yukon” fish trap to the next level. The Warrior X Thermal has all the bells and whistles — our Super tough 900 denier fabric, Rapid Pole Slide Extreme system for easy set-up, and a full bench seating system. Sized perfectly, it fishes two anglers comfortably with thermal fabric on the roof which retains heat and reduces condensation. With auger mounts on the back of the fold down bench, anglers can keep their auger secure when traveling but handy when needed. A grey interior tub makes it easier for anglers to locate tackle and gear.

    This shanty is in-store pickup only.  You may purchase the shanty through the website and we will hold it for 48 hours for you to arrange pick up.

Showing all 6 results