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VMC Pro Series

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  • The Wingding Spin Jig has a ball bearing swivel for maximum rotation/flash. Equipped with a premium VMC power gap hook that has a 5% wider gap than traditional jig hooks. It comes pre-rigged a Wingding solid core body that has external wings for stability and gliding action.

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  • The VMC® Wingding Jig is ready to fish when you are! Each jig is pre-rigged with the Wingding soft bait (also sold separately). External wings and multiple teaser tentacles pulse and swim with effortless movement by the angler. The exclusive VMC Power Gap hook delivers a wider gap when compared to other competitive micro jigs in equal sizes greatly increasing your hook rate percentage.

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  • Nothing can match the VMC® Tingler Spoon for wild action in shallow water! This unique, broad-sided spoon is tailor-made for ice fishing reservoirs and systems where shad, tullibees, or golden roach are a primary forage species for monster game fish. The Tingler Spoon’s triangular body and curved profile combine with your regular jigging stroke to exaggerate the wobble, flutter and flash of a dying baitfish, triggering predators to feed. Large holographic eye; sturdy VMC round-bend treble.

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  • See what all the “buzzzz” is about with VMC® Tungsten Fly Jigs. Their compact profile and realistic appearance makes for the perfect imitator of natural flies and aquatic insects. And exclusive VMC® Power Gap hook with wider round gap will greatly increase your hook-setting power. The-precision balance is amplified by a 90° hook eye, which ensures the optimal horizontal position and the perfect strike angle.

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    • Weedless Flash and Vibration.
    • HOOK:
    • Power Gap.
    • 5% Wider Gap than Traditional Jig Hooks.
    • JIG:
    • Pre-Rigged TriggerX® Boot Tail Body.
    • Long Micro-Thin Tail Swims with a Light and Subtle Vibration.
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