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Ten shots, zero reloads, endless possibilities. Introducing the new patent-pending 10X GEN 2 technology with horizontal magazine integration—making the Gamo Swarm Fusion lighter, more compact and low profile. The second generation 10X offers a smoother operation and improved accuracy. Simply break the barrel and fire for lightning-quick follow-up shots.

The new Swarm Fusion combines the latest state-of-the-art Gamo technologies in one air rifle, delivering an outstanding solution for pest control and hunting.

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  • Muzzle velocity 975 FPS
  • .22 Caliber
  • Whisper Fusion Noise Dampening
  • IGT 10X GEN2 Quick Shot
  • CAT trigger and 3-9X40 optics
  • SWA Recoil Pad

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10X GEN2 Quick-Shot Technology, the second generation 10 shot technology from Gamo

This patent-pending 10X GEN2 technology includes our revolutionary new horizontal magazine integration, making it lighter, more compact and low profile. The second generation 10X offers smoother operation and improved accuracy. The Gamo Swarm Fusion 10X GEN2 includes one magazine, and they are also sold separately as an accessory.

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Whisper Fusion, the quietest noise reduction technology from Gamo.

The Whisper Fusion technology incorporates a double integrated sound moderator making it the quietest Gamo air rifle. The pellet travels through two different chambers, compressing and preventing the noise expansion.

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IGT (Inert Gas Technology) gas piston powered air rifle.

This technology consists in a pneumatic cylinder that is replacing the spring, enabling the shooter having more terminal velocity (up to 1,300 fps with PBA Platinum .177 Cal. and up to 975 fps with PBA Platinum .22 Cal.), less vibration, more consistent power, and a constant and smooth cocking effort.

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CAT Trigger, independently adjust 1st and 2nd stages.

The CAT (Custom Action Trigger) features two screws so you can independently adjust the 1st and 2nd Stages of the trigger. Tailor Your Trigger To How You Want.

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Recoil Reducing Rail

When you purchase the Gamo Swarm Fusion 10X GEN2, the air rifle comes with the Recoil Reducing Rail, a patent pending technology from Gamo: two-piece aluminum construction rail separated by dual polymer struts to absorb the shock waves generated by the recoil. Once mounted to the Recoil Reducing Rail, the recoil stresses to internal components of the scope are reduced by almost 100%.

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Though All-Weather Thumbhole Synthetic Stock

The synthetic stocks from Gamo are glass filled nylon stocks from the suppliers who provide those materials to high end European car manufacturers. Our stocks are carefully designed to fit the shooter and to align perfectly with the scope. They are all-weather, tough, and lightweight.

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Gamo 3-9×40 Scope included

Gamo 3-9×40 shockproof and fogproof scope with mounts. Designed for maximum accuracy and reliability.

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SWA (ShockWave Absorber) Recoil Pad

Adjustable air rifle shock absorber with three removable absorption cells. Shoot comfortably.

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