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The Z-Viber is an amazing micro lipless crankbait but not only!  You can use it vertical jigging or even cast and retrieve it.  When retrieved the Z-Viber will produce a wide and unique wobbling action.  We armed this lure with a really high quality japanese style single hook.  Then, You’ll be able to tip it with a live bait or even better, with a Micro Finesse soft lure…  The vibration for such a small bait are truly amazing.  The Z-Viber is very versatile and can be used in a lot of different scenarios. Ice-fishing, trout, panfish, bass, walleye and a lot more!
1″ – 1/16oz  Jig it, Reel it.



The Z-Viber is the smallest lipless crankbait of the world. 1″ – 1/16oz
It is a unique lure that belongs to its own category.
When jigged, the Z-Viber will provide tight vibrations going up and a slow flickering fall when going down.  The vibrations for such a small lure are truly amazing and the incorporated tungsten bb’s will create a really attractive noise.
This hook will give you the ability to tip the Z-Viber with an offering such as a Mummy Worm or Micro Finesse soft lure for added attention.

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