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lake trout

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  • The distinctive “wiggle” and strike focus eyes result in aggressive strikes by game fish. They have a reputation for taking big pike and Lake Trout in Northern Canada and the ½oz. Wigglers in pink with white stripe have proven extremely effective for Coho salmon in Alaska.

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  • Even in its smallest sizes the Dave Davis® Lake Troll produces magnum caliber flash and attraction. In the largest sizes, it’s a beacon fish can see from incredible distances. Combining both willow leaf and bear valley blades, blade speed and angle are mixed, putting out an incredible amount of vibration. On large bodies of water, consider mounting a Dave Davis troll directly to a downrigger ball and cluster lures in close proximity. See Tech Report #5: Lake Trolling Trout Techniques.

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  • Originally fashioned in the 1930’s from the headlight reflector of a Model A Ford, few fishing products in the world have as glorious a history as the Ford Fender Lake Troll. Trolled at slow speeds, the Ford Fender produces maximum flash and vibration that draws fish from extremely long distances. Experiment with distances of 18″ to 48″ between the Ford Fender and trailing lure as sometimes fish come right to the troll and other times they like the lure back a bit further. Needlefish, Super Dupers, small Hot Shots and similar are all excellent lure choices behind a Ford Fender. See Tech Report #5: Lake Trolling Trout Techniques.

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