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  • There are things in your life that you wonder how you got along without them and now that you have them, you can never go back. This is one of them. Forever fisherman have been relying on borrowed light sources to charge their glow lures. Camera flashers, key chain LEDs…you know…you’ve had yours. Now try ours.

    • The Mini Charge ‘n Glow is pocket sized, perfect for smaller baits, especially ice fishing.
    • The Charge ‘n Glow charges glow hard baits, soft baits, spoons & jigs magnificently. This size is perfect for hardbait, soft baits and glow spoons up to 6”.
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  • Uncle Josh Pork is back on the market for all the diehard pork anglers that have been catching boatloads of bass on pork lures since 1922.  The Uncle Josh #11 Pork Frog has been used for years by the weekend angler, as well as current top bass fishing pros.  Uncle Josh #11 Pork Frog is super soft and flexible for a natural flow in the water and a natural feel to bass when they pick it up. Also loaded with salt for the right taste so bass hang on longer, fish the Uncle Josh #11 Pork Frog as is straight out of the bottle or add a little bit of meat tenderizer to soften it up for added action.

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    Ultra-concentrated formula. Improved adhesion for prolonged potency. Increased scale fleck. 2 scents to choose from.

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    Flip the lid, dip your bait, and catch more fish. Hand free application to bait. 3 scents to choose from.

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    Mike’s Glo Scent Bait Oils are a fishing attractant used by fishermen and guides for over 35 years! They mask undesired human and other fish-repelling smells, including plastics and gasoline. Extremely easy to use by simply applying directly to lures, plastics, cluster roe, live bait, flies, mallows, yarn, floating baits and other fishing materials, they can also be injected into baits like herring, sardines, prawns, night crawlers, shrimp, etc. or used as an overnight marinade. 20 scents available, comes in a 2 oz. flip-top bottle.  The concentrated blends will entice fish to strike in fresh or salt water.

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    Lunkerhunt Spicy Bite Capsules expose one of the oldest “secrets” in tube fishing. The Spicy Bite Capsules are Garlic flavored slow release scent capsules that last up to twenty minutes once activated in the water. The capsule can be pushed up in to the body of the tube and release scent through the retrieve of the bait, giving the angler the competitive edge on others throwing similar baits. The pair perfectly with the Lunkerhunt Spicy Revealer Tubes and Spicy Tubes but will fit almost all tubes on the market. Give them a shot in your next outing!

    50 Per Jar.

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    Fish Slime Paste is HK & Company’s newest creation! The big man himself created this game changing paste!

    HK created a fish slime paste that stands out from & outlasts any other paste! Our special formula works best with a small pinch of paste on any spoon, jig and soft plastics. One application lasts up to 20 casts and continues to attract the big boys with it’s ongoing scent trail. One jar of this magic is sure to last even the most avid angler for quite some time.

    2 fl oz

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