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Wildgame Innovations

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  • Wildgame Innovations

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    Illuminates for hunting up to 100 yards

  • Wildgame Innovations

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    8GB SD card camera accessories to get your Wildgame Innovations trail camera field-ready. This SD card two pack includes two high-quality 8GB SD cards designed especially for use with digital game scouting cameras. The 8GB SD cards 2-pack is compatible with most SD-compliant devices to hold HD images and videos.

  • Wildgame Innovations

    Reg $12.99

    Most hunters – including the Buckmen – agree acorns are the most effective and widespread natural deer attractant. When ripe acorns start dropping, we crush them into Buck Commander® Acorn Rage®. The combination of real acorns with oil-enriched roasted soybean stabilizes and preserves natural acorn flavors in our strategically-developed attractant formula. When you spread Acorn Rage at a ground site or top it on a feeder, a natural acorn scent erupts that sends deer’s senses into a frenzy. Once they find the source of that scent, they’ll devour it, along with vital nutrients they need to support antler growth and their overall health. Buck Commander Acorn Rage doesn’t require any mixing; simply open the bag and dump it wherever deer will be able to find it. Deer crave acorns all year long, so you’ll be primed to watch the action and take your pick of patterned deer on opening day.

    Buck Commander

  • Wildgame Innovations

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    Chestnuts have been a staple in deer diets forever; today’s deer crave them just as much as the deer who roamed North America thousands of years ago. Chestnut Rage® uses the power of real chestnuts that are harvested, crushed and mixed with roasted soybean meal to lock-in an authentic scent and taste. Buck Commander® trusted and approved, Chestnut Rage is as nutritional as it is powerful – with more than 18% protein and 13% fat content. The addition of phosphorus will also keep your herd healthy and your bucks’ racks growing. The Buckmen stand behind Chestnut Rage as a favorite for patterning and holding deer, and you will, too, once it delivers the kinds of results you’ve come to expect from Wildgame Innovations.

    Buck Commander

    • Uses real chestnuts to attract deer to your property
    • Blended with essential minerals and proteins to build stronger deer
    • Buck Commander trusted
    • Ready-to-use; no mixing required
    • Easy-open pouch design
    • Acts quickly to pattern deer
  • Wildgame Innovations

    Don’t let mice and other critters live their best life off your feed. The Heavy Metal™ series features a rigid varmint guard that eliminates feed waste and protects the goods. The flat-box design with ultra-durable galvanized steel construction tells the story behind this feeder’s namesake. Mother Nature can bring whatever she wants, but the Heavy Metal will still stand.

    This feeder doesn’t just look good; it performs well, too. The digital timer delivers up to six feedings per day from a galvanized steel spinner plate that disperses feed up to 30 feet. You can also choose from a variety of capacity levels to accommodate the population whose bellies you’re keeping full. If you’re looking for a reliable, long-lasting feeder, you’ve found it in the Heavy Metal series.

  • Wildgame Innovations

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    Your eyes aren’t fooling you; trailcam photos and videos really can look this good at an affordable price. The Mirage 16™ Lightsout™ offers a sharp 16-megapixel camera paired with superior nighttime image capturing capabilities. Exposure Control makes it easier to find the right combination of clarity and distance depending on your camera’s location. You’ll get the same quality results with 720p HD videos, too.

    Once you’ve found the right spot and the right settings, sit back and let the Mirage 16 Lightsout do the rest of the work. The camera reacts with a trigger speed less than ½ second, and stays quiet with Silent Shield™ technology. The added benefit of Lightsout™ technology further maintains the camera’s concealment with a 42-piece invisible infrared flash.

  • Wildgame Innovations

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    Lee Lakosky loves hunting over persimmons more than anything, but found they were incredibly difficult to come by and often messy or inconvenient to use. He asked Wildgame Innovations product developers to create an attractant that could harness the power of persimmons without all the fuss. Three years of rigorous testing resulted in Persimmon CRUSH™. Persimmon CRUSH combines the natural attracting power of real persimmons with our high-protein and carbohydrate-packed proprietary base. Before it goes in the bag, the powder goes through a double-screening process; this creates a finely sifted formula that absorbs and releases with incredible long-range, in-your-face power. All that with an irresistible persimmon taste makes this one of the most incredible attractants ever.

    CRUSH with Lee & Tiffany

    • Proprietary double-screening process creates fine powder that absorbs and releases more potent scent
    • Real persimmon taste deer love
    • Ultra-high fat content and carbohydrate blend
    • Proven nationwide effectiveness all season long
    • Perfect for late season when native browse is scarce
    • High palatability based on ruminant science
    • Pour directly onto site or use as food plot and/or feeder topper
  • Wildgame Innovations

    Spend your time patterning your local game population, not pulling your hair out over a complicated assembly manual. True to their names, the Quick-Set™ 225 and 270 only require about 15 minutes of setup before they’re fully operational and ready to bring game your way. Both models are dependable entry-level poly barrel feeders that provide above-average results. The 225 is slightly lighter in total weight – about 37 pounds – and holds up to 225 pounds of feed. If you want a little more capacity for not a lot more weight, you can pack 270 pounds of feed into the Quick-Set 270, which weighs in at 41 pounds on its own.

    Both models come standard with an easy-to-use timer with up to four daily feed times lasting 5, 10, 15 or 20 seconds – depending on your preference. Both feeders also accept corn or protein pellets, so you can choose your feed based on what your hungry game will like best.

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    Wildgame Innovations

    We took something that was already great and made it even better. The Quick-Set™ Pro expands upon the successes of its Quick-Set predecessors with multiple premium upgrades. The timer is highly customizable with up to 6 feed times per day that last 1 to 30 seconds based on your choosing. Because we don’t make the rules on your property: you do. Whereas similar models use circular legs, powder-coated square tube legs on the Quick-Set Pro provide stability and durability – so your feeder can withstand whatever comes looking for a free meal or whatever threatens to flood your feast.

    The power control unit (PCU) also got an upgrade in the Pro model. The Quick-Set Pro is the only feeder in the Quick-Set family that comes standard with a rigid varmint guard to protect both your feed and the PCU. This addition ensures the only critters making a mess of your feed are the ones you invited. And the only mess you’ll be cleaning up is the mess from a successful hunt.

  • Wildgame Innovations

    REG $159.99  SAVE $ 20.00

    • 18 Megapixel with 85 Feet Invisible Black Flash Illumination Range. Daytime and Nighttime Photo and HD720P Video (5, 15, 0r 30 SEC.) Capabilities
    • Less than 1/2 second rapid trigger speed. Tru bark color and texture allows the Rival trail camera to blend into nature and Go undetected
    • UP to 1 year Battery life or 30, 000 images. Exposure control settings for improved image clarity
    • Dual onboard camera System.1 camera for night and 1 for Day. System improves picture quality and increases Illumination. It also decrease the noise that you hear in other cameras
    • Includes easy to Use adjustable strap. Image delay settings of 2 S, 5S, 15S, 30S, 1 M, 5M, and 10M. Holds up to 32GB SD card (not included) and 8 AA Required (not included)
  • Wildgame Innovations

    Reg $9.99

    • Real sugar beets crushed and blended into an ultra-concentrated attractant
    • Captures one of deer’s favorite treats that can be difficult to find
    • Effective nationwide and year-round
    • Ready-to-use; no mixing required
    • Two bag sizes with easy-open pouches so you can stock up and get pouring
  • Wildgame Innovations

    REG $79.99        SAVE $40.00

    • 36-Piece Invisible Infrared LEDs ILLUMINATION TYPE
    • Less Than 1 Second TRIGGER SPEED
  • Wildgame Innovations

    Reg $79.99        Save $20.00

    Game surveillance is only part of the equation. Once your cameras capture the story, you need to be able to watch the story back quickly; and now you can with just the swipe of a finger. The Trail Pad Swipe SD Card Reader allows you to review images and videos directly from your game cameras. Equipped with a heavy-duty, water-resistant housing and a compact, lightweight design, the Trail Pad Swipe can easily trek into the field with you. No cords are required; simply load an SD card into the Trail Pad Swipe to start viewing. You’ll find files neatly organized on a bright LCD screen so you can run through all the action your cameras have seen. Instantly view photos and watch videos with a user-friendly touch screen and easy-access buttons. The touch screen even has a zoom feature so you can count every tine. Don’t wait for downloads to see what’s happening in the field – get the full story now with the Trail Pad Swipe SD Card Reader.

  • Wildgame Innovations

    Reg. 32.99                Save $10.00

    The Treehugger™ is a low-maintenance feeding solution that sets the dinner table all on its own. We used long-lasting PVC material to construct a durable gravity feeder that attaches to any tree in under five minutes. Simply loop the integrated straps around a tree trunk and secure with the heavy-duty buckle. The Treehugger will take care of the rest, naturally replenishing feed as game consumes it. And you can fill it with just about whatever feed you want: corn, attractants, protein, mineral or a combination.

    Easy setup and a lightweight design make the Treehugger perfect for hard-to-reach areas that don’t have a lot of space, like backwoods or swamps. Use this simple, streamlined feeder to test a potential feeding site and move it as often as you like until you find the right spot. With a hoof-licking-good food source overflowing all over the ground, deer will be sure to find it wherever you choose.

  • Wildgame Innovations
      • Easily score your buck in the field
      • Includes 600” of adhesive scoring tape
      • Good for marking blood trails as well
    Quickly and easily score your trophy buck with Wildgame Innovations' Trophy Tape. This patent-pending method of field scoring your deer can be done in as little as three minutes, eliminating the string, tape measure and calculator or the field guesstimate. It's easy to see in low light, so Trophy Tape can also be used to mark trails to and from your stand or as a blood trail marker. Includes 600” of adhesive scoring tape, enough to measure three Boone and Crockett bucks.
  • Wildgame Innovations

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    Breaking up the symmetrical structure of your face and minimizing skin glare: these are two key elements to remaining hidden from a wary old tom or mature buck. The Vanish™ Face Paint Combo includes a matte black, non-greasy face paint and 20 pre-moistened cleansing pads that hit both of those elements with high marks. The paint is odorless so it keeps your scent concealed in addition to your appearance, and the moisture-resistant formula ensures that whether you’re sweating bullets or drenched in a downpour – your disguise holds true. When your work is done, easily remove the paint in the field or back at camp with the provided cleansing pads.

    • No-shine matte paint stick
    • Create detailed fine lines or thick full-coverage
    • Odorless and smudge-proof
    • Non-greasy formula won’t clog pores
    • Face wipes included for easy removal
    • Moisture resistant through all hunting conditions
    • Glove-friendly roll-out applicator
  • Wildgame Innovations

    Reg $5.99      Save $2.00

    • Effective all season.
    • Reduces Suspicion of Danger.
    • Helps Conceal Human Scent.
    • It’s just a good natural scent to hunt with all season.
    • They smell a new doe in their area and want to check her out. 
    • 1 fl oz

    Territorial Non-Threatening Curiosity Appeal

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