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    Most hunters – including the Buckmen – agree acorns are the most effective and widespread natural deer attractant. When ripe acorns start dropping, we crush them into Buck Commander® Acorn Rage®. The combination of real acorns with oil-enriched roasted soybean stabilizes and preserves natural acorn flavors in our strategically-developed attractant formula. When you spread Acorn Rage at a ground site or top it on a feeder, a natural acorn scent erupts that sends deer’s senses into a frenzy. Once they find the source of that scent, they’ll devour it, along with vital nutrients they need to support antler growth and their overall health. Buck Commander Acorn Rage doesn’t require any mixing; simply open the bag and dump it wherever deer will be able to find it. Deer crave acorns all year long, so you’ll be primed to watch the action and take your pick of patterned deer on opening day.


  • Wildgame Innovations

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    Clover Rage 4 lb bag The outrageous food plot seed mix by Wildgame Innovations. We have chosen select clovers for this sweet and nutritious blend and added drought resistant Chicory that deer love. This is an easy to plant blend of proven seeds that will deliver forage on some of the toughest conditions around.

  • Wildgame Innovations

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    The Treehugger™ is a low-maintenance feeding solution that sets the dinner table all on its own. We used long-lasting PVC material to construct a durable gravity feeder that attaches to any tree in under five minutes. Simply loop the integrated straps around a tree trunk and secure with the heavy-duty buckle. The Treehugger will take care of the rest, naturally replenishing feed as game consumes it. And you can fill it with just about whatever feed you want: corn, attractants, protein, mineral or a combination.

    Easy setup and a lightweight design make the Treehugger perfect for hard-to-reach areas that don’t have a lot of space, like backwoods or swamps. Use this simple, streamlined feeder to test a potential feeding site and move it as often as you like until you find the right spot. With a hoof-licking-good food source overflowing all over the ground, deer will be sure to find it wherever you choose.

  • Wildgame Innovations

    Lee Lakosky loves hunting over persimmons more than anything, but found they were incredibly difficult to come by and often messy or inconvenient to use. He asked Wildgame Innovations product developers to create an attractant that could harness the power of persimmons without all the fuss. Three years of rigorous testing resulted in Persimmon CRUSH™. Persimmon CRUSH combines the natural attracting power of real persimmons with our high-protein and carbohydrate-packed proprietary base. Before it goes in the bag, the powder goes through a double-screening process; this creates a finely sifted formula that absorbs and releases with incredible long-range, in-your-face power. All that with an irresistible persimmon taste makes this one of the most incredible attractants ever.


    • Proprietary double-screening process creates fine powder that absorbs and releases more potent scent
    • Real persimmon taste deer love
    • Ultra-high fat content and carbohydrate blend
    • Proven nationwide effectiveness all season long
    • Perfect for late season when native browse is scarce
    • High palatability based on ruminant science
    • Pour directly onto site or use as food plot and/or feeder topper
  • Wildgame Innovations

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    Chestnuts have been a staple in deer diets forever; today’s deer crave them just as much as the deer who roamed North America thousands of years ago. Chestnut Rage® uses the power of real chestnuts that are harvested, crushed and mixed with roasted soybean meal to lock-in an authentic scent and taste. Buck Commander® trusted and approved, Chestnut Rage is as nutritional as it is powerful – with more than 18% protein and 13% fat content. The addition of phosphorus will also keep your herd healthy and your bucks’ racks growing. The Buckmen stand behind Chestnut Rage as a favorite for patterning and holding deer, and you will, too, once it delivers the kinds of results you’ve come to expect from Wildgame Innovations.

    Buck Commander

    • Uses real chestnuts to attract deer to your property
    • Blended with essential minerals and proteins to build stronger deer
    • Buck Commander trusted
    • Ready-to-use; no mixing required
    • Easy-open pouch design
    • Acts quickly to pattern deer
  • Wildgame Innovations
    • Real sugar beets crushed and blended into an ultra-concentrated attractant
    • Captures one of deer’s favorite treats that can be difficult to find
    • Effective nationwide and year-round
    • Ready-to-use; no mixing required
    • Two bag sizes with easy-open pouches so you can stock up and get pouring
  • Wildgame Innovations


    The Wildgame Innovations® Zero Trace™ Portable Scent Control Unit is compatible with three power sources: standard outlets, USB ports and 12V vehicle plugs, and easily fits in a standard cup holder. The easy-to-use Zero Trace Portable begins working instantly with a super quiet fan for odor removal that’s as safe as it is effective by creating a constant flow of charged plasma ions. These electrically charged positive and negative ions naturally cling to airborne particles as air cycles through the unit. Through a bonding process, the ions render odor molecules and scent contaminants inert, without emitting harmful ozone particles. Includes the Zero Trace Portable Unit, 110V adaptor, 110V DC power cord, USB cable, and a vehicle charger.

  • Wildgame Innovations

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    The Wildgame Innovations Hex trail camera has a footprint of just 7.5 square centimeters, but still manages to deliver 20-megapixel images and HD 720p videos. Adaptive illumination and exposure control automatically adjust to incredible range quality so you never miss a tine or tail. The Hex easily mounts to any tree or fence post and stays concealed with its small size and TruBark HD camo.

  • Wildgame Innovations


    • Buy 1 camera get 3 months of service FREE. (Save $30)
    • Buy 2 cameras, get 6 months of service FREE for BOTH cameras!  (Save $60)
    • Buy 3 cameras, get 9 months of service FREE for ALL 3 cameras!  (Save $120)
    • Buy 4 Cameras, get 1 year FREE for ALL 4 cameras!!!  Includes 1,250 photos transferred FREE monthly x 4 cameras = $480 FREE!!!

    Works on ALL U.S. and Canada Networks!  AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and more!


    A ton of features packed into a smart, simple device. The Encounter sends images via cellular network and works nationwide on any network. With new-and-improved onboarding setup via QR code, you’ll be ready to immediately receive images on your mobile device or desktop computer from anywhere. Further your scouting advantage by utilizing the latest HuntSmart™ features with functionality like species recognition, advanced filtering capabilities and more. Our most streamlined cellular game camera yet is ready to go to work to help you to #HuntSmarter, not harder.

    About the HuntSmart™ App
    Hunt smarter with Wildgame Innovations’ all-new HuntSmart App. The app’s Artificial Intelligence Management (AIM) system organizes and analyzes trail camera captures automatically, equipping hunters to plan and optimize their hunts. App capabilities include automatic species sorting (including filtering out any photos where no wildlife is present), geolocation data set by camera location, custom image descriptions, gallery search and more. The more data your cameras capture, the more HuntSmart learns about your property for a better chance at success. Best of all: it’s absolutely free to download to any iOS or Android device.

  • Wildgame Innovations

    Pile Driv’r High Volume Deer Attractant. Pulling deer into perfect range or putting them directly in front of your trail camera takes a little something extra. Pile Driv’r is an extremely affordable high volume attractant that will put big bucks right where you want them, in the freezer.

  • Wildgame Innovations

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    Deer go wild for the sweet aroma and delicious taste of ripe, juicy apples, and now Wildgame Innovations is bringing the orchard to you with Apple CRUSH®. We take fresh, all-natural ripe apples then CRUSH ’em with a blend of nutrient-filled proteins and fats. The end result is an irresistible deer feed that will grow monster trophy bucks.

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